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Dec 14

Toast to the Macallan…

If you are in Singapore next month, then come join us as we Toast to the Macallan…

Oct 14

Here We Go Again!

Tonight in China at 915 PM is the world premiere of the newest version of The Amazing Race China from Shenzhen Satellite TV.  But this one comes with a few twists including all the contestants being Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities along, we’re going all around the world, and a few more surprises.  I know a lot of people outside of China can’t watch it so let me try and find the weblink for you on Sohu too since they’re a sponsor.


Hope you do enjoy the race!

Oct 14

Mata Mata Quick Promo

Here’s a quick and moody promo for the new 70’s television cop show I’m doing in Singpaore called “Mata Mata 2: A New Era”


Aug 14

Let the Good Ole Times Roll…

This week in 8 Days magazine in Singapore, I enjoyed recounting and reminiscing about one of my first road trips into Mexico with my college friend Rameen.  We were young and life was fun…it’s amazing how fast time flies and we forget to to take the time to cherish these special memories so it’s nice to do these interviews where I’m forced to take a look back into the past!

[28 August 2014 Issue] 8DAYS NATAS Travel Supplement, p. 2-3

Oh…I couldn’t find a picture (This was before the digital age and photographs were still “developed”) of that actual road trip so the publisher had to use another one with my good friend Derek in the Bay Area.


Aug 14

Some Cool Destinations

Yesterday, I had some fun doing an interview with MigMe about five amazing places that I’ve ventured to.  Here’s the interview…

So which amazing places would you recommend I go to next??

Aug 14

Back on Channel 5 for some Mata Mata action

Here’s a recent article in 8 Days magazine in Singapore about my return to the local television airwaves on the cop period drama “Mata Mata: A New Era:”

[August 21, 2014] 8days, p. 26 - Allan Wu

It’s been over a decade since I acted in English on Channel 5, but it’s never too late to get back in action!

Hope you enjoy the show!



Aug 14

Washed Away with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Over a month ago, my little brother Danny asked me to help him with this ice bucket challenge back in LA.  At the time, I really had no idea what it was about, and I thought it primarily something that the Los Angeles Fire Department was doing amongst themselves.  Since then, this charitable cause has really taken off, and it seems like everyone is showing their support to raise money or awareness for ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  I am sure everyone can agree by now that whoever hatched the idea of using some ice, water, and a plastic bucket is pretty genius.

I knew it was sooner or later that someone would call me out, and I was actually fortunate that my own daughter Sage overlooked me.  But in the end, my friends Raffi K from Alive Not Dead and Jimmy T called my number so I decided to do the deed at my favourite spot at Wavehouse Sentosa.  Little did I know I’d be making a bigger “splash” that I anticipated.  See for yourself!

…and now let’s see if the three special friends I called out are up for the challenge!

Jul 14

Simply HAIR-larious!

Thanks again to Celine and 8 Days for a quick and fun read on my recent adventures in Korea!  Now, it’s time to decide whether to learn some Korean and work on some dance moves there!

HAIR-larious Adventure

HAIR-larious Adventure

Jun 14

Hi-Mo 20 Second “On Air” Version

I think I’ve figured it’s a lot easier to use YouTube to share this video with you.  Unlike the previous 15 second version for my new Hi-Mo ad, here’s the 20 second version that you can see on a local television set in Korea…

Jun 14

Ready. Set. Easy!

In the meantime, this video you are about to “partially” see is for Korea’s biggest hair solutions centre called Hi-Mo.  I know…the topic of hair loss for ageing men and women isn’t usually the most uplifting and confidence-building topic for most people.  And because of this, I really had no idea how this would all turn out so I can just say I was quite curious as to how Hi-Mo turn the “hairs” back.  So without further or do, here is the first version…

…I must confess I was quite shocked with the result and must commend Hi-Mo for doing a fun and entertaining job with solving this hairy issue.  If anyone can make this  all hip and cool, then you know the Koreans can do it!

Oh…and if you’d like to see the full version, then please comb on over to my FB Fan Page at: