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Jun 16

Quick Interview with FLY Entertainment

May 16

The Amazing Race Asia is back!!

After six years of waiting for the return of TARA, the wait is finally over!!!

So hurry up and starting thinking about who you’d like to race around the world and have the experience of a lifetime with!!!

Dec 15

12 FLY-tastic Days of Christmas….

Nov 15

Opener for “Somewhere Out There” 《地球那一边》

Here is a first look at the opener for my new show called “Somewhere Out There” or 《地球那一边》 Hope you like it and look out for its premiere next month!!

Jun 15

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and Soon-to-be-Dads out there!


…I couldn’t find a better looking picture of myself with my own father so this will have to suffice for now (Can you guess which strapping lad is me??)!  Thank you, Dad, for instilling all the values, virtues, and beliefs to be the best father that I can be.  I love you!

Jun 15

Father’s Day Special for Singapore Child magazine

[June 2015] Singapore's Child, pg 60 - Allan Wu

[June 2015] Singapore's Child, pg 61 - Allan Wu

Jun 15

Sports Is the Answer To All MY Problems

So here is the rest of the recent interview I did with 8 Days.  Really enjoyed the shoot and interview, and I hope you enjoy the article too!

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 32-33 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 34 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 36 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 38-39 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 37 - Allan Wu

Jun 15

See You at the Pit Stop…

Now through three different versions of the Emmy award winning “The Amazing Race” reality show, it’s great to be back once again hosting this all new Celebrity Version for China on Shenzhen TV.  The fact that over 80 million viewers in China get to hear me do the entire show in Chinese is daunting, but I simply view it as a great way to hone those language skills and hopefully open up an entirely new market there.  And can you guess which country we are in awaiting teams at the pit stop?


…stay tuned and watch out for more exciting news and updates on the race!

Jun 15

“I Have 7 Abs…”

Fun (and Funny) piece from my latest interview with 8 Days Entertainment Magazine…

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 40 - Allan Wu

May 15

Dude, Where’s My Shirt?!

Look out for the coming issue of 8 Days this Sunday as I (sorta) reveal my secrets to staying “ABS-solutely” happy and healthy though all the ups and all the downs…