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Oct 10

Wipeout Fun at the Wavehouse!

Yesterday, we went down to Wavehouse at Sentosa for some more wild and wet fun. It also happened to be the International Flow Championships so we had the privilege of watching the very best in this sport demonstrate to all of us mere mortals how you really ride these cool man-made waves.

Normally, I just take pictures of the day. However, I felt that videos might do a better job in justifying all the “wipeout” fun we had so let’s start by showing Li Lin demonstrating to the kids how to ride the bodyboard.

Once everyone had a turn on the bodyboard to get warmed up, it was time to give the Floboard a try.  And when you first learn to ride the Floboard, you’d better be prepared to “pay your dues.”

Li Lin was a great sport about it, and she was really close to riding these waves by the end of the session.  I’ve been on the Floboard a few more times so I worked on getting some “deeper carves.”

Of course, if you really get into this flowriding experience, then maybe one day we will all have the opportunity to see you tear it up on the “big barrel” machine like this pro that day!

Totally Awesome, huh?  Now, does this look like something you’d wanna try?  ;-P

Finally, a Huge Shout Out and Thank You to Terry and his staff for a rip roarin fun time once again!  You totally Rock!


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