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May 10

Wet While Workin

Through all conditions, the race must go on.  Of course, we still prefer to race when the weather is more compliant.  However, all the teams and crew had to really sludge it out on one of these days when the rain would not relent.  Luckily, the wet weather did abate for a bit so we could take care of business…

Although I don’t mind doing my diddy in the rain, our poor cranes and cameras don’t operate so well under extreme moisture so we’re relegated to doing what we can under cover.

And once the weather has cleared the following day, it’s time to “pick up” some of the shots we missed in a tank top!


Reader Comments

Hi Shu Ping,

Thanks for the consideration, but I am really busy at the moment with work and travel so won’t have the time to do this.

Good luck,


Written By Allan on June 5th, 2010 @ 11:09 am