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Mar 15

Warming Up the Engine…

AVE_4261 Small

Recently, I did a series of images with Under Armour, and it’s nice to be able to integrate work with fitness.  Normally, we spend most of our time just sitting around and being pampered (and hassled) with fixing hair, applying makeup (which I am still to this day reluctant to utilise too much), and swapping in and out of different outfits.

So on this day, it was nice to just get into some great and comfortable athletic gear to pop off a few different shots.  As I was getting ready, I quickly was reminded the importance of warming up properly, especially now that I am no “spring chicken” anymore.  As I see my children today, I stress to them to warm up and stretch properly so there body is ready to tolerate the stress and impact of their various movements and motions.  Just like them, I know I used to NEVER EVER spend much (or any time) when it came to stretching and warming up.

Now, I certainly do it much more than before, but I know I can always spend even a bit more time in warming up the muscles and then stretching them out before a hard workout ahead.  Normally, I like to jog slowly for about five to ten minutes so that I can get a bit of sweat going.  From there, it’s become increasingly critical to stretch out and loosen up my joints and soft connective tissue.  In fact, it’s not exactly the muscles that I am concerned with, it’s actually more the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that I’m realising need the most TLC (Tender Love Care).  Only after I’ve stretched for about ten to fifteen minutes do I feel I am ready to crank out a hard workout ahead.

So what are ya waiting for…


…let’s get warmed up and start stretching it out!

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