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Oct 11

Together in the Game…

Category: Work Blogs

Last night, Li Lin and I had the special opportunity to host Nike’s 30 Years “Together in the Game” Celebration Party at Shanghai 1933.  Both of us have worked with Nike in Singapore so it was great to see how the Swoosh takes care of business in a slightly “bigger” market…and it was also a quick way to meet more than one thousand of their employees in one venue.  Speaking of the party zone, I learned that Shanghai 1933 used to be an abattoir where many cows convened to be slaughtered.  This is definitely not the most savory of thoughts so it’s great to see this structure possessing stunning architecture has been converted into a retail business center.  Here’s a shot of the entrance before we opened up the doors…

After a long day of conferences and meetings, everyone arrived by the busloads for a night of fun and entertainment.  Along the way, we all enjoyed interesting and entertaining stories from Nike’s early days in China when founder Phil Knight and his team arrived in 1981 to begin a partnership that is thirty years strong.  Through the course of the evening, we got to see how much the company has grown along with China in the realm of sport.

Later in the evening, we are also treated to Nike’s very own “Michael Jackson” interviewing China’s very own professional NBA baller Yi Jian Lian…

We talked about Yi Jian Lian’s plans to return to China to play during the NBA lockout and his preparations for the Chinese National Basketball team for the 2012 Olympics.  Along the way, we cracked a few jokes cuz you know that’s gonna happen when you got another “MJ” in the house interviewing!

Not only was Yi Jian Lian in the house, but Nike also invited another one of its elite athletes 110 Meter Hurdles champion Liu Xiang to join in the celebration and say a few words…

Li Lin took over the translation duties on this one and had to listen intently because Liu Xiang is actually very humorous and can talk up a storm…

…even Li Lin couldn’t contain her amusement.

All in all, it was a fun, exciting, and entertaining event, which is something I believe all the Nike employees have come to expect from working with the Swoosh.

I’m still in awe at how much has changed and progressed since 1981, and I’m sure we’re all wondering what the world will be thirty years from now.  But until that day comes, let’s continue to make the choices that enable and empower us to lead a happy and healthy life that we can look back one day and be truly proud of!

A big thanks to Jose and his awesome team at Liquid Impact for an spectacular event and, of course, to Nike and China!aracer.mobi

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