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Dec 12

The Sun Daily – Malaysia

Wu can cook too

Posted on 3 December 2012 – 10:15am

S. Indra Sathiabalan

MOST of us know him as the rugged and good-looking host of The Amazing Race Asia but Allan Wu has made a career for himself as a model and actor, in English serials such as Love Mattersand My In-Laws, as well as Chinese serial drama productions that include Bukit HoSwee, Beautiful Connection, The Unbeatables III and True Heroes. He has also starred in feature films I Do I Doand Night Corridor.

In addition to that, Wu is also a well-known presenter, having hosted the 2011 Miss Universe China beauty pageant. He is currently busy working on several projects but fans will get to see him in action showing off a completely different set of skills on Hot Guys Who Cook Season 2(HGWC2).

Here, Wu will showcase his cooking skills and perhaps erase some of their memories of the first season of the series in which, most of the hunks had questionable cooking skills. In an email interview, Wu explained what he will be doing on the cooking show.

Before taking part in Hot Guys Who Cook, could you, in fact, cook?
“Wu can cook … but he just doesn’t need to do it often because his wife is an even more ‘amazing’ cook and loves to cook for everyone.”

If you can cook, what is your signature dish?
“I prefer to make wholesome simple meals like pastas with a meat sauce in addition to roast chicken, of course.”

What will you be cooking for the show?
“Herb Crusted Roast Chicken on a bed of sweet mashed potatoes and salad with homemade dressing on the side.”

What is comfort food to you?
“Anything warm, thick, tasty, and chewy. Whoops…did that come out wrong? Either way, it tastes good going in!”

You have travelled all over the world, so do you like trying out all the different types of food?
“Absolutely. One of the best perks in my job is having the opportunity to experience culinary dishes from around the world during my travels.”

What is your favourite cuisine?
“I have always been a big fan of Mexican cuisine because it’s clean, simple, spicy, and simply delicious.”

As a model, actor as well as TV presenter, are you careful about what you eat?
“Yes, I do pay attention to what I eat. However, I would say I pay more attention to how much I eat as opposed to what I eat because, in the end it’s those large quantities of food that really can pack on the extra unneeded (nor desired) kilos.”

Why should we watch HGWC2
“It’s a simply knockout of a recipe with entertaining good-looking guys showing off their cooking prowess in a different setting than the usual environment. I really enjoyed my time working on the show because it allowed me to show a different and more comedic side of me that many fans and viewers might be less familiar with. Who knows? You just might pick up a fantastic new dish just in time to show off to family and friends for the upcoming holiday season!”

Hot Guys Who Cook 2 premieres tonight at 7pm over on Diva Universal (Astro Channel 702).

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