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Sep 12

“The King in the Paint” is in Da House!

The race is finally off and running here once again in China!  We just kicked off the newest season last Sunday on Channel ICS in Shanghai with the English version, and now I prepare to flex my Mandarin chops for the Chinese version on Dragon TV this afternoon at 4 PM.  I’m excited for all of our fans that have waited for us to bring to them another adrenaline-pumping season of The Amazing Race China Rush.

In the meantime, I’ve been staying really busy with work in the Asia region while still returning to the audio suite to do the voiceovers for the race.  After spending my first summer literally “hanging out” in Shanghai, I’ve discovered that not that much really happens here.  Maybe that’s why most of my friends skip town for the summer on holiday while I just stuck around realizing that everything gets back up and running in August.  Next year, I’ll definitely plan to go somewhere over the summer holiday before touching down back in Shanghai.

Fortunately, work has been fast and steady over the last few weeks, which has been a welcoming change from the too “ultra-relaxed” lifestyle I was living just a month before.  After making a celebrity appearance to launch Starwood Hotel’s new iPhone application at the Le Meridian Hotel in Shanghai, I just completed the Adidas “King in the Paint” China Tour with the new starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight David Howard!  After arriving earlier this week from LA, I had the privilege and pleasure of working with him for a few days in China during this tour…

Dwight Howard is a natural born entertainer who knows how to keep the crowd engaged and entertained with his comical antics and positive energy.

After  big welcoming event for Dwight at the new Shanghai Adidas Brand Center on Huai Hai Zhong Lu, we reconvened the following day for an even bigger event with thousands of fans at the Luwan Sports Stadium…

Once again, “Superman” unveiled his new Lakers jersey along with his new Adidas AdiPower 3 basketball shoes that he’ll wearing during the upcoming new NBA season…

With various basketball contests all day, we were also treated to a Slam Dunk competition with some of the local Shanghai talent…

I tried to coax the 2008 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champion into showing these boys how the big boys “throw it down,” but he politely declined because he’s still in rehab for his back surgery.

Fortunately, everything is on schedule for “The King in the Paint’ to start playing in the new NBA season so I’m sure we’ll have many opps very soon to see him dominate the paint and dunk the ball over and over again!

Once I completed this Adidas promotional tour, it was time to zip off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for another exciting weekend of motorsport racing for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back to KL so it was nice to still have so many fans welcome me back here.  Hopefully, we can have The Amazing Race Asia return for another fifth season.  But until then, I’ll keep myself busy doing these other races instead!

Have a great weekend and I’ll definitely make the effort to catch up again soon!продвижение

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