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Jul 11

The Big “ONE” for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is coming!

Category: Work Blogs


Today was a big day for the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Asia as ONE Fighting Championship announced its big fight day with “Champion versus Champion” at a press conference at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where the event will be held.  On September 3rd, sixteen champions from various martial arts will compete to see who is the best of the best.  I can’t wait for this myself because I really see this as a big turning point for the overall popularity of the sport here in Asia.  MMA is already the fastest growing sport in the West, and now it’s time for the East to catch up at a ridiculously rapid rate.  The high level of interest in the event could be seen by the number of individuals who showed up for the press conference this morning…

Wall to wall and “standing room only” is a great start to kick off the MMA vibe for this event, and I was very fortunate to be right in the mix.  Not only will this event be telecast live on ESPN and Star Sports, it will also be aired on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 in Singapore, which was a bit surprising to me.  Under normal circumstances, I would’ve assumed that MMA might have been too niche for a mass market terrestrial channel audience, but this partnership just goes to show the level of interest and popularity with this up-and-coming sport in Singapore…and Asia.

During the press con, I had a question-and-answer session with the CEO and Owner of ONE Fighting Championship, Victor Cui, who essentially turned his dream into a reality.  This guy definitely knows a thing or two million about sports media in the region, and I got a feeling that he’s hit the nail on the head in bringing MMA to the masses.  If all goes according to Victor’s plans, you can expect up to 500 million people tuned into this event on September 3rd throughout the world.  That’s a pretty high number…but definitely fathomable with a sport as ever increasingly popular as MMA.

Once we got the formalities and information outta the way, it was time to introduce some of the fighters who will be appearing in ONE FC including Singapore’s first professional MMA figher, Radeem bin Rahman…

I know…these guys probably don’t look too tough all dressed up in a suit, but I’m sure they’re more than ready to kick some major butt!  All this testosterone is inspiring me to do some training with some of these guys to get myself into fighting shape again too!

And speaking of opening up a major can of Whoop A##!, the next thing you know was I introduced twelve fighters front and center…

…and you gotta love all the World Championship hardware they lugged along with them!

So there you have it…the ONE Fighting Championship is coming on September 3rd.  With more events scheduled to be held in the region, ONE FC has all the makings of something big.  If you’d like some more information, then you can go to the official site at http://www.onefc.com 

Hope to see you on September 3rd!



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