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Jan 10

Ten Years Ago in China

Since I’m back in Shanghai after six or seven years, I figured I’d toss up some of my old pics from a decade ago when I did this big fashion show for fashion label Montagut through six cities in China.  Not only did I get to eat, drink, and even “sing” with the boyz…

08-25-2009 02;06;57PM

08-25-2009 02;07;29PM

…we also got to finally check out The Great Wall of China.

08-25-2009 02;10;45PM

Even better, I had the opportunity to hang out with this “small time” director Feng Xiao Gong, Hong Kong star Rosemund Kwan, and some China actor named Ge You…

08-25-2009 02;09;59PM

Only later did I find out that Feng Xiao Gong and Ge You are (like) the biggest thing since sliced bread (or actually steamed Xiao Long Bao) in China…and they still are!  Now, that was an awesome trip in itself!продвижение сайта

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