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Feb 10

Supersports Arena hits the airwaves

Category: Work Blogs


Last Friday, Starhub called in the media troops to announce the official launch of their new sports channel, Supersports Arena.  I was invited to M.C. the festivities, and it’s great to see a new channel focused in the arena of health, fitness, sports, and competition.


Mayor Teo Ser Luck from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, and Sports, Mayor Zainudin of the Football Association of Singapore, and Mr. Oon from Singapore Sports Council were all present to sign the official contracts for upcoming partnerships and collaborations with the respective organizations…


Once all the formalities were signed and completed, I even introduced some of the young Singaporean athletes on the football (soccer), basketball, and table tennis team…


With an increasing interest in athletics, Singapore seems more than ready to host the first ever Youth Olympic Games later this year.  The new Supersports Arena channel will be yet another platform for everyone to enjoy sports, and Starhub will even be coming out with its on reality-based program centering around youth and sports.  And as the applicants for the highly-anticipated fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia continue to flow in, I’m wondering WU might host this new show before we race once again? 


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