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May 10

Same Thang, Different Place

And just like that, another weekend is upon The Amazing Race: China Rush.  For most of us, we tend to lose track of which day it is as we’re literally “rushing” from one location to the next as the teams blast through the race route.  Normally, I would never even consider posting up any pics from TARA, but the marketing approach to TARCR has been a lot more “open” so I’ve decided to share some photos that aren’t too obvious to our exact location.  But then again, I am certain some of you might already know where we’ve been setting up our Pit Stops so can I kindly request that you keep it to yourselves so the 1.5 billions viewers who watch TARCR in early August can still have somewhat of a surprise?  And on that note, it’s time to get the mat in position for another Pit Stop with the Producer and D.O.P. (Director of Photography)…

The iconic Pit Stop mat is placed in the perfect position to capture the teams and host with minimal disturbances or distractions.

Once the mat has been determined, it’s time to line up our “shooters” to catch everything when it all goes down as the teams quickly approach the end of the leg.  Here’s a shot of my “Host  Crew,” which includes cameraman Joe and soundman Terence…

We spend a lot of time together so it’s a good thang that we all get along.  People always tell me that it looks like we’re having so much fun, and the trust is…That’s cuz We Are! Otherwise, things could get ugly fast.

Speaking of fast, another day…another Pit Stop so I’m outta here!

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