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Jan 11

Revvin Up for 2011

Earlier today, I had to take some pictures of my motorcycle and me for a recent article in The New Paper.  It’s a brand new spanking year and I know I’ve been slacking in the blog entry department so please excuse me for slacking off.

So it’s really already 2011, huh?  New Year.  New challenges.  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions (again)?  Get in better shape?  Quit smoking and drink less?  Spend more time with loved ones?  How about just work towards seeking out new adventures and challenges?

I wouldn’t say I’m “Ace-ing” the first three potential goals for 2011, but I’m definitely working towards new experiences and challenges.  The second season of The Amazing Race China Rush has already been “green lit,” and soon we will be off racing all over China once again.  This time, however, we are going to open up the applications to NOT just everyone outside of China BUT also everyone in China.  And from the looks of it, it’s going to definitely make this sophomore season even more interesting and “culturally appealing.”  Personally, I can’t wait to get the “race on the road,” but that will have to wait until we get all the perpetually challenging pre-production planning nailed down.

And until then, I’m going to embark on an entirely new chapter this year…which is working with a company to introduce Singapore to the concept of carbon cleaning their car’s engine with plain water.  Quite frankly, I was a little more than skeptical at first.  But after I sent my car through the forty minute treatment, I immediately noticed an improvement with power and acceleration with each press of the gas pedal.  Later when I was ready to refill my petrol tank, I realized that I passed the 500 kilometer on one tank of gas, which is something that has never happened.  Not only did the engine carbon cleaning deliver more power AND increase fuel economy, the best part for me is the “Green Effect,” which is the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions by up to forty percent.  With all these cars on the road huffing and puffing away, it’s nice to know that we can all do something to reduce the amount of carbon pollutants to the atmosphere.

This Saturday, we will be holding a launch event to showcase this technology to individuals related to the automobile industry in addition to prospective government bodies ready to take a bold step forward toward saving the environment.  Sure, having one car significantly reduce its carbon emissions might not be anything worth writing about.  But then again, I wonder how much we can benefit the earth and everyone if (and when) ALL automobiles will be required to have their engines carbon cleaned?


Reader Comments

Any news on Amazing Race Asia Season 5 Allan? Happy to hear about China Rush. Hope it goes on for a long time.

Written By Matt on January 27th, 2011 @ 1:13 pm