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Mar 10

Pillow Talk on Class 95 FM

Category: Work Blogs

Earlier this evening, I recorded a session of “Pillow Talk” with Class 95 PM DJ Yasmine Cheng.  Listen out for the actual interview on  March 31 from 10 PM to 1130 PM.

I was actually all set to talk about our upcoming promotions for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Asia, but I think Yas and her listeners might also be interested on my thoughts about love and relationships so we focused on that.  Here are some of her questions for me:

1) What have you been up to?
2) How long have you and Li Lin been married?  Share with us how you met her and your first impression.
3) How did you know she was THE one?
4) What’s the most important thing to make a marriage work?
5) I’m sure you guys squabble every now and then, how do you deal with such instances?  Or how do you deal when you have differing opinions?
6) Share an interesting date experience you’ve had?  Worst date ever? Funniest date ever?
7) What’s the biggest turn on for a guy?
8) Biggest lesson you’ve learnt about love?
9) What’s your love mantra?

These aren’t the easiest questions to answer for anyone, but I think you’ll all get a good laugh with my responses when the show airs so “listen out for it”…and Enjoy!продвижению сайтов

Reader Comments

For the audience like me outside of SG, would you pls post this interview? We cannot access youtube,either. We knew you from amazing race asia. Curious about the questions raised to you. ha~ha~

Written By Wahaaa on March 6th, 2010 @ 11:55 pm