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Dec 09

Making Amazing Memories with WLMM (Repost)


Last Thursday night, The Amazing Race Asia-Season Three (TARA3) took home its second ATA Award at the 14th Annual Asian Television Awards for Best Adaptation of an Existing Format.  A few weeks ago, I had posted up a blog using Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) to make a video for some of my Amazing Memories.  Since then, I’ve had people ask me to show them more clearly just how easy it is to use WLMM so here we go!

Let’s start by opening up the  “Windows Live” folder in your Windows 7 OS…


I then just click on “Windows Live Movie Maker” to open up the application…


Once we’re in, it’s time to start making some movies!  I can either manually add in my own videos and photos…


…and I can just click on “AutoMovie” and have the application essentially put together the entire video for me.


And Voila!  Here’s my finished Amazing Memories again using WLMM and AutoMovie!  Quick, easy, fun…and Painless! 

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Reader Comments

Whhoooaaa Amazing places!! really Amazing good title 😛
and what is the title of the song? please? :)

Written By adriszka on June 29th, 2010 @ 4:00 am