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Jan 11

Longchamp opens at Marina Bay Sands

Category: Work Blogs

It’s a New Year and time for new stores to open up.  After picking up the Nike’s latest collection of athletic gear, it was time to rush home and switch gears into more formal threads for the opening of the new Longchamp boutique store at Marina Bay Sands.  Usually, I’m a little wary about driving to MBS because the traffic there can be atrocious.  Luckily, I was met with absolutely no traffic yesterday and parking was a cinch…although the price for parking your wheels at MBS is a COMPLETE RIP-OFF.  I wonder if that’s why the parking lot was sooo empty?
After arriving, I made my way to the new shop located on Basement One and caught up with fellow actress and now full-time student Felicia Chin…
We reminisced about the good old days of shooting Chinese TV serial dramas at Mediacorp Studios.  Although it’s fun to among the first to see what’s inside these new boutiques, it’s definitely equally as fun to catch up with other artists you haven’t seen “in person” for a while like Denise Kellar…
I only found out yesterday that she left MTV about one year ago!  Geez…which rock have I been living under, huh?
Of course, we always know that we can trust Utt to continue to handle the VJ duties at MTV…
…and the dude looks exactly like the same when he started fifty years ago!  ;-P
So there you have it…the new Longchamp store is now officially open at Marina Bay Sands.  And have you been to that mall yet?  If not, let me warn you it’s quite big and confusing so make sure you grab a map before you embark on your next shopping adventure there!

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