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Jan 10

“Kiddin” Around at Hong Kong Disneyland


Earlier this week, I returned to Hong Kong Disneyland with the family for some “quality time.”  Although every activity we did was solely for the sake of the little ones, I surprisingly had a decent time.  One huge reason is probably cuz there were hardly any people there, and we barely had to wait in line.  I know I probably should have put up a more “Disney-esque” picture to kick off the blog, but I really enjoyed the weight of a planet on my shoulders so I’m sticking with dat!

Now, the good thing about Hong Kong Disneyland is that it’s not too “big.” In fact, I find it a bit small, but it’s perfect to bring small kids to visit.  Before Sage and Jonas knew what hit them, I immediately took them to try their first rollercoaster on Space Mountain.  Jonas cleared the 102 cm minimum height requirement literally by a hair or two so we were on!


I liked this shot from the Space Mountain people because you realize the kids are too short to see anything…


…on the other hand, it’s pretty much pitch black dark so none of us really saw anything.  While the kids were off on the carousel, I tried my hand at pulling out the sword of Excalibur nestled nearby….


Even Snow White needed a moment to ponder whether the rapidly vanishing popsicle was worth taking all the pictures with rabid fans that day…


At night, Hong Kong Disneyland really lit up, and the experience actually conjured up some old memories of my trips to Disneyland as a child back in California.


No matter how many kiddie rides I was subjected to, I had a great time on pretty much all of them…


While shopping for gifts for little ones, I think I found a definitely unique prop for my next show or project!


Everything was going all smooth until one of the Disneyland employees told me I couldn’t take my one last “money shot” with Sage and Jonas standing on the brick wall in front of Mickey!


Nevertheless, it was still a great time even though the food was pricey and tasted horrible.  Next time, I’ll have to take the train back into town for some quality Hong Kong grub.  Of course, the fireworks display at night was the highlight of the experience for me, and here’s a snippet of the fifteen minutes plus display before I sign off!

Alrighty, I got my fill of Mickey and Co for the New Year…and Beyond! 

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Reader Comments

is that Jonas’ voice at the start of the video? he sounds so cute!

Written By Wany on January 8th, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

Glad you have a great family time in Disneyland. I’m sure Sage & Jonas would love to come back there again! And oh, those fireworks are awesome! :)

Written By Eudora on January 8th, 2010 @ 10:25 pm

OMG! Is that Jupiter? lol

Written By Squid on July 23rd, 2011 @ 12:00 pm