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Oct 11

Here Comes Season Three!!!

With the second season of The Amazing Race China Rush coming to an end this Sunday night, it’s time to start looking forward towards the next season.  In fact, Channel ICS organized an event earlier today to promote their lineup of shows for the upcoming year to their prospective sponsors, and I was invited to introduce and gush about how great the race has been, which definitely wasn’t very hard.

As the die-hard fans wonder who will be crowned champion for this second season, I’ve already been getting inquiries from all over the place regarding when people can start applying.  Right now, it’s still early in the game in terms of preparation and pre-production work, but it’s just exciting to know that ICS has already taken the step to lock down some big sponsors for our upcoming third season next year.  If everything goes according to the schedule for the previous two seasons, then you can expect to hear an announcement for “Call to Entry” around next February or March so definitely watch out for it.

This second season has been a huge success for both the English and Chinese market so I’m really excited myself to see how far we can go next season!  And if you’ve got a thirst for adventure and want to cherish a memory to last your entire lifetime, then start thinking about who you’d like to race with next season!

Til then, let’s get set for the climatic conclusion of TARCR2 this Sunday night at 8 PM on Channel ICS!  One shall rise…and Two shall fall!$^%#


Reader Comments

Great news, I hope this show goes on for many years to come, next all we need to hear is TARA5 and that’l cap this year off as a pretty AMAZING year LOL

Written By Matthew on October 22nd, 2011 @ 3:03 am

You are absolutely right and I hope so too!! Really appreciate all your support and comments. :-)

Written By Allan on October 27th, 2011 @ 11:30 am