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Feb 11

Happy Chinese New Year!

At last!  All the holiday festivities for the Lunar New Year are essentially done.  I was hoping we might go away during this period like we normally, but we decided to stay in Singapore due to the fact that we couldn’t book any tickets anywhere AND especially to the ridiculous cost of airplane tickets during Chinese New Year.  On the hand, I’d probably raise the price of air tickets to an astronomical amount too if I were running an airline so I guess I should complain too much.

Fortunately, we had some great friends and family who stuck around in town too so we all got to celebrate the Lunar New Year with them all.  One couple organized a full-blown Chinese New Year bonanza complete with a Lion Dance and a Rabbit to officially “hop” into the New Year.  Even though these Lion Dances probably aren’t the best thing for one’s hearing, the children always absolutely loved every moment of the performance…

We all know that keeping kids occupied and entertained is no small feat.  Even our “Roger Rabbit” realized it too that night and had to take a seat for his (or her) tired feet…

Of course, it’s always nice to see the children satisfied with all the festive celebration…or are they just happy that they’ll be getting some more 红包 (“hong bao”) red packets?

Over the past weekend, I finally decided to give the FloBarrel at Wavehouse Sentosa another “go” since the last time, which was a few months back.  When I went snowboarding in December, I injured my shoulder pretty good so I have been quite tentative about riding these man-made waves again.  My shoulder is still nowhere near 100%, but my desire to improve and carve up some more waves simply compelled me to return to this favorite spot of mine in Singapore…or Sentosa.

I always hope to bring down a few friends of mine to give it a shot too, but every single one of them always has one reason or another to decline.  I understand it can be somewhat intimidating in the beginning (or anytime) with all the passerby’s watching you fall over and over again, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Once I realized I’d be riding solo again, it was time to hit the waves…

Since I got so tossed around and pounded last time, I opted to wear a rashguard this time while I figured out how to get more comfortable on these waves…

The frustrating thing is that once you think you’ve made a significant improvement in your skill level, you’ll regress more than a few steps back on the following ride.  Although that can be annoying, the joy of riding and learning this new sport is well worth all the setbacks tossed my way…including all the bumps and bruises…

I don’t know how much further I can go from here, but it is a New Year and so it’s definitely the ripe time to forge forward on more than a Dare…and with no Fear!

Finally, here’s the latest video of one of my rides this past weekend.

Happy Chinese New Year and hope to see you riding some waves of your own down there!

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Reader Comments

恭喜发财!!may you be prosperous!!

Written By HB6H057 on February 9th, 2011 @ 7:24 pm

Happy Chinese New Year to u and ur family Allan! :)

Written By Eudora on February 10th, 2011 @ 11:14 am