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Feb 10

Happy Burfday, Jonas!

This weekend, the Li’l Man in my so-called life turned four so we organized a small party for him with all his little peeps in tow.  Although I must confess it’s a lot more work when the parents decide to do everything themselves at home, it’s all more than worth it to see the joy in all the children’s faces.

Of course, the highlight is always witnessing a swarm of kids throwing water balloons in every direction…

…and you’ll be sure to remember a party if your daughter nails you in the family jewels!

Now that Jonas is finally four and CNY has passed, it’s time to get down to bizness!рейтинг сео

Reader Comments

Happy Belated Birthday lil’ Jonas! :)

Written By Eudora on February 23rd, 2010 @ 6:46 pm