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Apr 11

Droppin Back into Singapore!

After a whirlwind tour of California over the span of three works for fun and work, I’ve landed back in Singapore!  Initially, I was hoping to post up some blogs and pix of my adventures in the US, but between work meetings and family duties, it proved to be too much for this guy to handle.  Nevertheless, it was  one of the most memorable trips I’ve had going back to the West Coast, and it’s definitely the most I have probably driven up and down the state of California.

Now, what exactly did I do back there?  I guess you could say it was a lot of the same thing, especially when it comes to what to eat.  Li Lin is a huge fan of The Cheesecake Factory so we made a few pit stops here.  Of course, the funny thing is that even though The CHEESECAKE Factory is famous for its ridiculous assortment of cheesecakes…

…Li Lin absolutely loves and only insists upon their carrot cake.  And actually, I’d have to say it’s the best carrot cake I’ve ever had myself so kudos to her.

Besides filling our bellies, we also spent some time at the malls checking out the latest goods.  At the Culver City Mall, there just happened to be Open Auditions for FOX’s new reality show “X Factor” with Simon Cowell.  I’ve joked around with friends that I would totally be down to audition for “American Idol” if I happened to be anywhere near the casting calls.  Even though this wasn’t AI, I think it was close enough.  So did I end up grabbing a mic and belting out some tunes like this gentleman?

Unfortunately, the open auditions were starting the next day, and I just could rearrange my date with destiny!  :x  lovestruck

One of the true highlights of this trip was having the rare opportunity to wipe off the snow (or actually dust) off my true blue Burton Jim Rippey snowboard from almost fifteen years ago and taking it up to Lake Tahoe for a ride down memory lane…

Ironically, it was on this board that I once completely shattered my wrist and ultimately decided to embark on this journey into the wacky world of entertainment.  Fortunately, there were no injuries and nothing but beautiful weather for a great day of snowboarding at Squaw Valley…

And on that sunny note, I’d be scoot on outta here and get some work done because The Amazing Race China Rush is coming right around the corner again soon!

Have a great weekend!

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