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Aug 10

Covered (and Uncovered) in Malaysia

Hello again!  It’s been a pretty hectic coupla weeks, but it’s good to be back here.  Along with spending some productive time in Shanghai to get things rolling for The Amazing Race China Rush, I returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a power-packed day of getting covered (or uncovered) for various publications including New Tide, New Icon, Health Today, and M2.

Once all the filming for projects have been completed, it’s now time to do the post production work which includes voice dubbing and also promotions with all sorts of media from magazines to newspapers to online media to radio interviews to television appearances.  Although it get a little tiring having to rush around from one place to another to “spread the good word,” it’s always more than worth it to hear people enjoying the shows.

Although the featured shoot for New Tide and New Icon won’t be coming out until the end of the year, I got my always helpful publicist to take some behind-the-scene shots of the fashion spread…

…you should get the idea by now so it’s time for me to sign up and take these kids out to lunch.

And if you happen to be in Shanghai, don’t forget to watch the second episode of The Amazing Race China Rush at 8 PM tonight on Channel ICS.  Otherwise, I’ll let you know where you can watch it online once I find out the website!оптимизация в поисковых системах

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