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Nov 09

A Typical Sunday in Hong Kong

Today’s a beautiful sunny Sunday so I decided to share this TV commercial I did back in Hong Kong with a lot of  “domestic help” for Hong Kong Telecom…on only a Sunday, of course!

оптимизация интернет магазина

Nov 09

A Sweet Ad with a Sour Taste

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I did this TV ad for Ferrero Rocher in Macau.  The original contract was to “load” or use the commercial for only one year.  Of course, the production company in Taiwan decided to take the money from the client and continue to telecast the ad for quite a few years to come.  It was one of the most annoying and frustrating jobs I ever did trying to track down and finally get the unscrupulous characters to cough up the money they rightfully owed me.  Even to this day, I get a “sour taste” in my mouth whenever I see this TVC…

…at the very least it taught me to keep an eye out for ads that should have longed been “shelved.”  And I hope this situation never happens to you.стоимость регистрации в каталоге яндекс

Nov 09

Singtel MIO Home TVC

Here’s the new Singtel MIO Home TV Commercial airing in Singapore…

Jonas’s “Mini-Hawk” (Quasi-Mohawk) is courtesy of Yours Truly! 


Nov 09

Grand Promenade TVC

I found this TV commercial I did for a real estate development back in Hong Kong…

Wow.  The internet really makes it easy for stuff to stay in circulation, huh?topodin

Sep 09

Hosting Reel

Now, here’s a Hosting Reel that I sliced and diced up a short while back…

сео компания отзывы

Sep 09

Before i-Phone…There was the “e-Phone”

Long before the i-Phone started poppin up everywhere, Taiwan already had the e-Phone, and the TVC was really kinda whacky…

раскрутка сайта

Sep 09

Old Showreel

Here is one of the first showreels that I edited myself…


Sep 09

Chasin a Bank

I had a fun time driving and shooting around Hong Kong to shoot this TVC for Chase Manhattan Bank.

Luckily, Hong Kong isn’t too big!  😉дизайн сайтов поисковая оптимизация

Sep 09

Your Face is like Tofu

Here is the first TVC I did in Taiwan for Ponds where I compare a girl’s face to tofu…

Would you take that comparison as a complement?? 😉deeo.ru

Aug 09

The now extinct Siemens mobile phone

I had a good laugh when I found this TVC for the “now extinct Siemens mobile phone” that we shot in Sydney, Australia, right before the 2000 Olympic Games held there…

The phone brand is gone…but the fun experience remains!!  :-)сайт