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Jun 15

Sports Is the Answer To All MY Problems

So here is the rest of the recent interview I did with 8 Days.  Really enjoyed the shoot and interview, and I hope you enjoy the article too!

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 32-33 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 34 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 36 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 38-39 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 37 - Allan Wu

Jun 11

So What is “Scratching?”

Congrats to my man DJ KoFlow on his newest music video “The Turntable Insrumentalist!”

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Dec 10

Marina Bay Sands TVC

Here’s the new Marina Bay Sands TVC I just completed…

Hope you enjoyed that!раскрутка

Apr 10

8 Days New Branding TVC

Happy 20th Birthday to 8 Days Weekly TV Magazine!

And here’s the new TVC I did with them…


Feb 10

Tone Up them Flabby Arms with Loopz

Here’s a short demo I did on how to use Loopz to firm up those upper arms:

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Feb 10

LOOPZ at the Singapore Fitness Expo

A short while ago, I was invited to make an impromptu introduction at the Singapore Fitness Expo about the world of Loopz.  You can see what happens when a person has to do some public presenting with no preparation!

Now that’s all over and done with, I’ll plan to show you soon what I like to do with Loopz!раскрутка

Jan 10

I’m an E-Geek for That’s I.T. on CNA

Here’s the segment on the CNA (Channel News Asia) show “That’s I.T.” where I rattle off what electronic gadgets I take with me when I’m racing (or doing whatever) around the world…


Dec 09

Sippin’ Tea Ain’t E-Z…

Tonight, I was planning on tossing up some pics of me playing basketball with Irene Ang and other Fly artists for our “Celebrity vs. Media” Friendly Match at the Singapore Slingers game this Thursday night.  However, the pictures never came into fruition because I totally forgot to whip out my camera so I’ve decided to humor you with this TVC I did a while back for Tian Di iced tea.

I’m sure the average viewer looks at a typical television commercial and must think just how easy it must be to shoot it.  This Tian Di TVC should be no exception, right?

While from your TV couch it seems like a simple “just sit back and enjoy the iced tea” shot, I actually spent more than twelve hours working on those few scenes.  Of course, a lot of the time is spent waiting around to shoot the actual product and resetting the lights/ set for each shot, but it certainly is not as E-Z as it looks.  In fact, I had to drink so much iced tea that I couldn’t go near that stuff until a few months later.

Come to think of it…I still have a problem coming into close contact with Ferrero Rocher chocolates after that I did that TVC because I literally ate a huge carton of that during the shoot–and the best part is you don’t even see me eating one for the camera!  I wonder how much more I would’ve downed if I did!  комплексная поисковая раскрутка сайта

Dec 09

Diamonds in Tuscany

This DeBeers Diamonds TVC seems so old (completed sometime around the new Millenium) that I had to dub over the original audio with “classical” music…

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Dec 09

Making Amazing Memories with WLMM (Repost)


Last Thursday night, The Amazing Race Asia-Season Three (TARA3) took home its second ATA Award at the 14th Annual Asian Television Awards for Best Adaptation of an Existing Format.  A few weeks ago, I had posted up a blog using Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) to make a video for some of my Amazing Memories.  Since then, I’ve had people ask me to show them more clearly just how easy it is to use WLMM so here we go!

Let’s start by opening up the  “Windows Live” folder in your Windows 7 OS…


I then just click on “Windows Live Movie Maker” to open up the application…


Once we’re in, it’s time to start making some movies!  I can either manually add in my own videos and photos…


…and I can just click on “AutoMovie” and have the application essentially put together the entire video for me.


And Voila!  Here’s my finished Amazing Memories again using WLMM and AutoMovie!  Quick, easy, fun…and Painless! 

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