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Jun 15

Sports Is the Answer To All MY Problems

So here is the rest of the recent interview I did with 8 Days.  Really enjoyed the shoot and interview, and I hope you enjoy the article too!

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 32-33 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 34 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 36 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 38-39 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 37 - Allan Wu

Jun 15

See You at the Pit Stop…

Now through three different versions of the Emmy award winning “The Amazing Race” reality show, it’s great to be back once again hosting this all new Celebrity Version for China on Shenzhen TV.  The fact that over 80 million viewers in China get to hear me do the entire show in Chinese is daunting, but I simply view it as a great way to hone those language skills and hopefully open up an entirely new market there.  And can you guess which country we are in awaiting teams at the pit stop?


…stay tuned and watch out for more exciting news and updates on the race!

Mar 15

Leaping Forward


Last year was the maiden voyage for the third version of The Amazing Race franchise that I have hosted.  Most of you would still recall the first one which was The Amazing Race Asia on Channel AXN.  Then, I went to work on The Amazing Race China Rush for SMG Shanghai Media Group.  And finally, I really had to step it up last season for The Amazing Race China Celebrity Edition on Shenzhen TV which happened to be all celebrity contestants and ALL in Chinese!
A lot of friends and fans have asked me when is the next race and whether they can sign up, and I really wished I had an answer for you all.  At this point, I believe the first two previous versions have been temporarily placed back in the freezer and shelved at the moment.  However, I think the newest version from Shenzhen TV could be back for a second season so be sure to come back for the latest updates.  
While I am a bit disappointed that most people won’t be able to apply since this is a special “celebrity edition,” I am also excited and curious to see what batch of contestants are ready, willing, and able to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime amazing adventure around the world.  Hopefully, we will all find out soon!
Until then, have a good day and don’t forget to drop back when you’re free!  See ya and what did you think of this get up I had to wear at the pit stop in Dubai last season??


Oct 14

Here We Go Again!

Tonight in China at 915 PM is the world premiere of the newest version of The Amazing Race China from Shenzhen Satellite TV.  But this one comes with a few twists including all the contestants being Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities along, we’re going all around the world, and a few more surprises.  I know a lot of people outside of China can’t watch it so let me try and find the weblink for you on Sohu too since they’re a sponsor.


Hope you do enjoy the race!продвижение