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Jun 17

What a Surprise in Peru last June…

Last June, I happened to be in the Andes Mountains of Peru shooting a new show called “Let’s Do It Together,” and HUGE thanks to producer Debe Hoo for organising this surprise birthday celebration for me…

Jun 15

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and Soon-to-be-Dads out there!


…I couldn’t find a better looking picture of myself with my own father so this will have to suffice for now (Can you guess which strapping lad is me??)!  Thank you, Dad, for instilling all the values, virtues, and beliefs to be the best father that I can be.  I love you!

Jun 15

Father’s Day Special for Singapore Child magazine

[June 2015] Singapore's Child, pg 60 - Allan Wu

[June 2015] Singapore's Child, pg 61 - Allan Wu

Apr 15

Sunday Fun…

Even though I never thought I’d be back in the “Single and Ready to Mingle” game,  it was fun to do this shoot for last Sunday Time’s paper with a group of other single male artistes…

[5 April 2015] Straits Times Life!, pg 4-5 - Benjamin Kheng, Allan  Wu, Tosh Zhangраскрутка

Mar 15

Align and Redefine


For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing a myriad of problems with this website.  I am not exactly sure what happened, but something is definitely going on…and it’s making it difficult to continue to operate smoothly and seamlessly.  I set up this site back in 2009, and I definitely do get some laughs at what I used to post up.  But like anything, this site has gotten a bit older, wiser, and most likely has been compromised with a hacker attaching the coding mainframe.  I really do hope to get everything resolved and completely cleared soon.
In the meantime, this frustrating period has inadvertently allowed me to compare the current status of the website to my own health.  While I can still claim that I hardly ever get sick, I also know that my body is certainly not the same as it was…and that’s NOT a good thing.  While I can still go out there and still hammer out a hard workout, I’ve learned the hard way that certain high impact sports will automatically spell trouble.  These sports include basketball and American football.  The verdict is still out on beach volleyball, but lateral movements tend to put a lot of pressure and torsion on the joints and ligaments.  while in the past it wouldn’t be a big deal, now every sudden, explosive movement happening in the span of less than a second can lead to potentially a day or two of swelling and discomfort.  There is certainly a price to be paid now to partake in these physical endeavours, and the question for me now is how should I proceed?  What are your thoughts? 
Would you take a more conservative approach and refrain yourself from certain activities in order to prolong your body thus depriving yourself of the joy that is elicited with them?  Or would just say “Screw It…We only got one life so might has well go down with guns blazing?”
Me?  I’m at a crossroads at the moment.  While I do hope to preserve my body as long as I can in order to still enjoy an array of sports and physical activities for as long as possible and also to participate with my children, there’s still this voice inside of me that wants to say “Screw It.”  As with anything in life where there are two parties with different perspectives, conditions, and values, it’s all come down to striking a compromise with my body at this juncture.  
As much as I’d love to get out and run some hoops each week again, I know for a fact that my knees won’t be digging that so I am left with casually shooting some baskets with my kids.  Maybe when they are older and I can still jump, then I’ll see if I can get back onto the court.  Even certain cornerstones of my fitness regimen are reaching the end of their shelf life, and this primarily refers to running.  
I’ve been running since high school and using it as a foundation to stay healthy and happy for decades, but now both of my Achilles tendons are definitely “angry” and demand that I switch to other activities.  The degeneration of soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage is inevitable, and both of my Achilles tendons are at the tail end of their life span.  I’ve been experiencing pain in both of them for over a year, and I know the only way for them to possibly get better is to completely stop running, which is difficult for any active individual whose spent their entire life living a sweaty life.
That being said, I’m realising more and more that there are certain pivotal points in life where you just gotta suck it up and stop the run.  It’s time to align and redefine my priorities similar to this website.  I know things are not going to get any better with my Achilles tendons unless I make some changes to my work out routine, which is namely refraining from running.  And as much as I would prefer to simply lace up some shoes and go out for a quick run, I now have reconfigured my workout regimen to include swimming and cycling.  Both of these latter sports will take a bit of time to get reacquainted with, but I am actually enjoying the new challenges that they also present.  
So while the running shoes sit on the shoe rack beckoning for another workout, I am going to stick with other types of sports so that I can still enjoy being active not merely for a few more years but for the long haul.  Hopefully, I’ll still be relatively pain and injury free so I can still show my kids “Wu’s Yo Daddy!”….and one of the reasons why it’ll be mainly focused on my kids is that most of my peers have already hung up their athletic kicks permanently!
Thanks again for stopping by and maybe I’ll see you on a spinning cycle or swimming pool in the near future! 


Mar 15

Warming Up the Engine…

AVE_4261 Small

Recently, I did a series of images with Under Armour, and it’s nice to be able to integrate work with fitness.  Normally, we spend most of our time just sitting around and being pampered (and hassled) with fixing hair, applying makeup (which I am still to this day reluctant to utilise too much), and swapping in and out of different outfits.

So on this day, it was nice to just get into some great and comfortable athletic gear to pop off a few different shots.  As I was getting ready, I quickly was reminded the importance of warming up properly, especially now that I am no “spring chicken” anymore.  As I see my children today, I stress to them to warm up and stretch properly so there body is ready to tolerate the stress and impact of their various movements and motions.  Just like them, I know I used to NEVER EVER spend much (or any time) when it came to stretching and warming up.

Now, I certainly do it much more than before, but I know I can always spend even a bit more time in warming up the muscles and then stretching them out before a hard workout ahead.  Normally, I like to jog slowly for about five to ten minutes so that I can get a bit of sweat going.  From there, it’s become increasingly critical to stretch out and loosen up my joints and soft connective tissue.  In fact, it’s not exactly the muscles that I am concerned with, it’s actually more the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that I’m realising need the most TLC (Tender Love Care).  Only after I’ve stretched for about ten to fifteen minutes do I feel I am ready to crank out a hard workout ahead.

So what are ya waiting for…


…let’s get warmed up and start stretching it out!

 раскрутка сайта

Aug 14

Let the Good Ole Times Roll…

This week in 8 Days magazine in Singapore, I enjoyed recounting and reminiscing about one of my first road trips into Mexico with my college friend Rameen.  We were young and life was fun…it’s amazing how fast time flies and we forget to to take the time to cherish these special memories so it’s nice to do these interviews where I’m forced to take a look back into the past!

[28 August 2014 Issue] 8DAYS NATAS Travel Supplement, p. 2-3

Oh…I couldn’t find a picture (This was before the digital age and photographs were still “developed”) of that actual road trip so the publisher had to use another one with my good friend Derek in the Bay Area.


Aug 14

Some Cool Destinations

Yesterday, I had some fun doing an interview with MigMe about five amazing places that I’ve ventured to.  Here’s the interview…

So which amazing places would you recommend I go to next??aracer

Aug 14

Washed Away with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Over a month ago, my little brother Danny asked me to help him with this ice bucket challenge back in LA.  At the time, I really had no idea what it was about, and I thought it primarily something that the Los Angeles Fire Department was doing amongst themselves.  Since then, this charitable cause has really taken off, and it seems like everyone is showing their support to raise money or awareness for ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  I am sure everyone can agree by now that whoever hatched the idea of using some ice, water, and a plastic bucket is pretty genius.

I knew it was sooner or later that someone would call me out, and I was actually fortunate that my own daughter Sage overlooked me.  But in the end, my friends Raffi K from Alive Not Dead and Jimmy T called my number so I decided to do the deed at my favourite spot at Wavehouse Sentosa.  Little did I know I’d be making a bigger “splash” that I anticipated.  See for yourself!

…and now let’s see if the three special friends I called out are up for the challenge!раскрутка сайтов

Jan 13

“Work and Play” Mode in Singapore


Before I flew back to LA last week, I made a quick trip back to Singapore for work and also to catch up with some friends.  The party scene in Singapore sure has changed and remained the same over the time I’ve experienced it during the past decade, and I always have good times.


Premiere clubs like Mink and Royal Room do well in the nightlife scene, and it’s nice to get out there once in a while with fellow Fly artistes Jimmy Taenaka and Bobby Tonelli.  Speaking of Fly, I also had the pleasure of celebrating a belated birthday with our kick ass talent manager Ling and fearless leader Irene Ang over some Malaysian hot pot…



Of course, I couldn’t drop into Singapore without taking some meetings and doing some work so after I got my hair all cleaned up at Passion Hair Salon, it was time to slick it up once again for a fashion spread with Esquire magazine…


So why exactly do I look like I’m freakin out in each of these pictures?  Find out in the March issue of Esquire Singapore!  Until then, I’m gonna take a nap now cuz I’m totally jet lagged back in LA!


Thanks again and come back soon to find out what exactly I’m doing here in Hollywood!@$#%раскрутка сайта