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Jun 15

Sports Is the Answer To All MY Problems

So here is the rest of the recent interview I did with 8 Days.  Really enjoyed the shoot and interview, and I hope you enjoy the article too!

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 32-33 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 34 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 36 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 38-39 - Allan Wu

[4 June 2015] 8 Days, pg 37 - Allan Wu

Aug 14

Let the Good Ole Times Roll…

This week in 8 Days magazine in Singapore, I enjoyed recounting and reminiscing about one of my first road trips into Mexico with my college friend Rameen.  We were young and life was fun…it’s amazing how fast time flies and we forget to to take the time to cherish these special memories so it’s nice to do these interviews where I’m forced to take a look back into the past!

[28 August 2014 Issue] 8DAYS NATAS Travel Supplement, p. 2-3

Oh…I couldn’t find a picture (This was before the digital age and photographs were still “developed”) of that actual road trip so the publisher had to use another one with my good friend Derek in the Bay Area.


Feb 13

Czech Out the Fear Factor

Wow…I just realized it’s been almost ten years when I competed on the US reality show “Fear Factor” back in 2004.  No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I always get a good laugh.  Recently, I came across this slightly different version where everything is dubbed over in another language so “Czech” it out!

If you have problems with playing it from here, then you can also go directly to the original website here:
I don’t know whether that was entertaining for you, but I thought it still was good for a few laughs even though I had no idea what they were saying!


Jul 12

Missin the Boat

Hope your weekend is going well.  I had a pleasant surprise earlier today when I ran across a photoshoot I did five years back in Singapore with former Miss Singapore Jessica Tan for Singapore’s 2007 National Day Celebration Shoot…

I totally forgot about the shoot so it’s nice to see how these things turned out…even if it’s five years later!  Now, I can use these old pics as more motivation to get back to working out in this crazy Shanghai summer heat!продвижение сайта

Jul 12

A Long Time Ago…

Wow…I haven’t seen this promotional piece from Singapore’s Fly Entertainment in years.  Hope the various artists and talents are doing well, and Big Hug to ya, Irene Ang!


Aug 11

My New Crib in Shanghai!

After a long, hard week pounding the pavement and viewing various options for a new place to dwell,  I finally found something that should work.  Here’s a first look into my new home here in Shanghai, and it’s one of the recently restored and refurbished villas at the Hotel Massenet at Sinan Mansions…

Located in the heart of the French Concession and built in the 1920’s, this place definitely has a very classic feel from one of the guest rooms…

…to the kids bedrooms…

…all the way up to the master bedroom on the top floor.

I know I’ll be enjoying the study area too on the top floor.

At a listed rate of 38,000 RMB (~$5940 USD) per night, it’s a little steep.  However, you can rent it for a one year lease at a discounted 5 Million RMB (~$781,250 USD).  Yep…this is printed right and NOT a typo.

And just as I was ready to pack my bags and move it, I woke up from a dream within a dream in my significantly smaller abode to discover that this was merely a dream!  Oh well…it’s never a dull moment when you’re dreamin!  


Jun 11

What Are You Made Of?

Earlier this week, I went to the Tag Heuer office at LVMH to pick up a few pieces I ordered, and I was pleasantly surprised when a former colleague gave me a gift which included old pictures of my times with the brand.  I haven’t seen many of these pictures at all so it was really a treat to catch a glimpse of these images from a time years ago…

Here are a few of the studio shots we did with photographer Geoff Ang…

I’ve never been much of a golfer so I’m sure this ball never made it in the hole!

Agghh…the trip to St. Tropez in France with other regional celebs was pretty kewl tho…


On another night, I even got to relive my biggest “fear”…

Even though I still have a problem defining Formula One as an actual “sport,” it’s still cool to meet some of the drivers from the circuit…

…and even though I wouldn’t mind just drumming away into the sunset…

I think you’ll get a better laugh with this 80’s-style beefcake pose!

Now it’s time to see how much I’ve aged since then after my recent birthday so I’ll catch ya next time!


Jan 10

Ten Years Ago in China

Since I’m back in Shanghai after six or seven years, I figured I’d toss up some of my old pics from a decade ago when I did this big fashion show for fashion label Montagut through six cities in China.  Not only did I get to eat, drink, and even “sing” with the boyz…

08-25-2009 02;06;57PM

08-25-2009 02;07;29PM

…we also got to finally check out The Great Wall of China.

08-25-2009 02;10;45PM

Even better, I had the opportunity to hang out with this “small time” director Feng Xiao Gong, Hong Kong star Rosemund Kwan, and some China actor named Ge You…

08-25-2009 02;09;59PM

Only later did I find out that Feng Xiao Gong and Ge You are (like) the biggest thing since sliced bread (or actually steamed Xiao Long Bao) in China…and they still are!  Now, that was an awesome trip in itself!продвижение сайта

Sep 09

Open Up and say “Argh!”

As I look through my photograph collection from the 35mm era, I know I’m bound to find a couple that will definitely leave me wondering, “What the Heck was I thinking?”…

08-25-2009 02;23;17PM

…but then again, it’s always nice to have more “normal” pictures like this one with Harry Hui and Wong Lee Hom…

08-25-2009 01;52;21PM

…and let’s not forget the most talented singer of The Heavenly Kings, Jackie Cheung!  😉

08-25-2009 01;49;30PMраскрутка

Sep 09

Back at MTV Taiwan

MTV Taiwan is where it all began for me in Asia.  I was all set to begin my acting career in LA, but I had the unique opportunity to relocate to Taiwan to learn Mandarin and become a VJ for MTV.  This ad campaign for one of our concerts is still one of my favorite shots…


People always asked me how did my hair look so “plastic?”  Well, the hair stylist got some dry plaster and mixed it with water and orange paint before slathering it all into my  hair.  As difficult as it was to keep jumping on a tiny trampoline for this shot, I had an even more challenging time trying to get all the dried up plaster outta my hair!

Oh yeah…if you look really closely, you’ll also notice that I even ripped my white kung fu pants in the crotch area from all the crazy jumping!  Luckily, I was sportin a pair of rockin Mickey Mouse boxer shorts!  😉

Of course, most of the other MTV shoots weren’t too crazy.  Here’s a shot with the other VJ’s at the time including Miranda Lu, Janet Lee, and Stacy Lee (Sorry, but I forgot the guy’s name–Do you happen to know it?)…

08-25-2009 01;47;51PM

The stylist for this shoot really liked big bright contrasting colors…

08-25-2009 01;48;43PM

Wow.  That was definitely a while ago, but it still seems like yesterday.  I had a most memorable time adapting to living in Asia all by myself and learning the language and culture.  It was always fun to party with the MTV VJ’s and also the ones at Channel V including Angela Chow and Rick Tan…

08-25-2009 02;05;26PM

And of course, how can I forget the original “Wu Man”…David Wu!! (Wait…is that the Fullerton Hotel in the background?  😉 )

08-25-2009 02;25;16PM