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Jul 11

Break in Bali


It’s been a crazy hectic last few months so I haven’t really been on the ball with my blog updates.  After I wrapped up filming the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush, I soon zipped off to Bali for some R&R with the family.  It’s incredible how much these kids mature and grow within the span of a month too.

When we arrived in Bali, I knew my first task at hand was to clean up Jonas’s hair…

His school is not a big fan of the “Mohawkian” hairstyle so I’ve been abstaining from it.  However, with him out of school and dad back home, it was time to deliver the goods, and his new do is ready to rock once again!

As we made our way into town at Seminyak and Kuta, we soon discovered just how bad the traffic has gotten over the years.  In the past, a big portion of Bali’s charm was the “small tropical island feel.”  But now, getting anywhere (even if it’s not too far) takes at least one hour, and we were shocked to find this out every time and everywhere we went.  Fortunately, Bali still has still retained its cultural aspects including this funeral procession on one of the streets…

Since getting anywhere in Bali ended up taking an exorbitant amount of time, you know I was more than inspired to “jump for joy” once I got out of the car!

On one of these occasions, I got a little too inspired and decided to jump off this wall in order to attain even more air.  Unfortunately, I landed incorrectly and totally busted and bruised my heel!  Ouch!  And the best part is the only thing I got to show for it was this lousy shot that completely missed me getting airborne at all!

Since I could barely walk and had to limp around everywhere, I was relegated to enjoy those Bali sunsets that I enjoy so much…

Sunset or not, the kids just had a great time chilling at the beach and searching for seashell…and don’t we all miss the simple pleasures in life.

Even though the various drivers know that they’ll be driving and waiting around all day, they’re always down to pop off a shot with a tourist like me!

And of course, if you happen to have kids, then you’ll most likely know what Waterbom is all about.  It’s a waterpark for everyone of all ages, and you know we had to go there cuz that’s definitely one venue they’ll never forget, especially when Sage takes it to the air!

Since I was hobbling around everywhere with my bruised heel, I just tried standing around with Jonas to get hit by water balloons…

That’s a quick rundown of our downtime in Bali.  Now, I need to get ready for a few shoots this week before I’m off to Beijing to host Miss Universe China!  This will be a completely new experience for me because I’ll be doing it live and in Chinese.  I honestly don’t know how it is all going to turn out and you know I am definitely daunted with the task, but there’s only one way to find out so here I come!

Til then, thanks for stopping by and  here’s one more sunset for you to enjoy!

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Reader Comments

bali is so beautiful!

Written By Racher on February 6th, 2012 @ 5:46 pm