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Jun 12

Bird Fishing and Hot Springs

Category: Work Blogs

Solid as a Rock…NOT!!!


Whoops…I just felt like sharing that shot of those huge slabs of rock for sale next to our local family style lunch.  After we headed back down the mountain from Cang Shan, we made our way to another popular destination in Dali called Er Hai Hu lake…

Upon arrival, there was a happy congregation of Bai Minority members standing and waiting to greet all of the visitors from near and afar…

The friendly locals were more than happy to take me on a boat ride on Er Hai Hu lake…

Once we’re on the water, we all noticed the many birds that would dive into the water to catch fish…on command!

Apparently, the fish-catching birds known as cormorant or osprey have been working with the local fisherman for hundreds of years.  In fact, this trade is handed down from generation to generation, and only a male can assume the role of a fisherman.  So if you happen to have only a daughter, then you’d better work on having another child to pass on the tradition!

Now, these birds are trained especially well and are very tame…

…as you can see, they even had no qualms about hanging out with me…or on me!

After that entertaining experience on the high seas, it was time to take a dip in some natural hot springs further inland.  Along the way, I was able to soak in more of the beautiful scenery…

Once we arrived, I was more than ready to dive right in for some relaxation.  Unfortunately, I found out that the Dali Geothermal Paradise just happens to be the largest natural hot spring resort in all of Asia, and it’s over 66 hectares!

This resort has over thirty different hot spring pools, and some of them are a bit too hot to handle…

…like this one aptly named “Huge Boiler.”

After some filming and introduction to the resort, I finally found a pool just to my liking so it’s time to take a break and relax before I continue my Getaway adventure here in Dali!


Reader Comments

88℃…Wow that’s pretty hot!

Written By Squid on June 7th, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

I agree, 88oC? How can anyone survive in that…

Thats like boiling hot LOL

Written By Matt on June 8th, 2012 @ 2:48 am