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May 10

Are We Still in China?

We are on the move throughout China, and it’s been one helluva a shoot schedule thus far.  The teams are in great spirits as we make our way from one city to the next, and I am wondering sometimes whether we’re still in China or possibly Venice, Italy?

There truly are so many hidden treasures within China, and I hope you are able to discover some of them when the The Amazing Race: China Rush telecasts later in August.  I am so tempted to put up even more pictures of where we’ve been, but I know it’s best to keep the highlights of the race under wraps so you can fully enjoy the show.

I’ve actually got the night off after wrapping up earlier today.  Tomorrow will be another crazy early call time so it’s gonna be a long day.  Funny…I can’t recall the last time I fell sick, but I have been not well since we kicked off last week.  I hope to get better soon so I can enjoy all of China to da max!


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