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Mar 10

Another Revealing Photoshoot

Category: Work Blogs

A few days ago, I started working on this new film entitled “Love Cuts” dealing with breast cancer.  I think I’ve worked on enough TV and film projects to know what I’m getting myself into, but I had to think about taking on this role a little because it entailed a photoshoot scene which reveals “more.”  In fact, both Malaysian actress Christy Yow and I had to essentially do the shoot in our “birthday suits.”   In case you don’t already know, Christy is presently the “It Girl” with a starring role in director Eric Khoo’s upcoming biopic of the the Singaporean “Snake Lady” striptease dancer, Rose Chan.

The Chinese press have already labelled Christy “the busty 36C lady from Malaysia” so Christy was the “perfect fit” for a film centered around breasts.

And Me?

I’ve always had a “Love Hate” relationship with the entire nudity thing.  I know it’s definitely more of an issue for women who decide to enter the entertainment industry, but I’ve been welcoming and avoiding it throughout my career.  On one hand, I know I should just take it as a complement I even still get requests to take my top off  (or whatever else).  On the other hand, I have never been a big fan of the “flesh trade.”

However, we all know in media that “Sex Sells” so I’m figuring I’ll just work on smiling these days cuz I know I ain’t young and these requests are definitely numbered in this department.  And like I always say…

Use It or Lose It.  But Please…Don’t Abuse It!”  

And on that note, I made sure to pose with a Smile!  


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