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Jul 11

And the new Miss Universe China is…

Category: Work Blogs


Just as promised, I’ve come back to continue (and conclude) my adventures last Sunday night for the 2011 Miss Universe China Finals held in Beijing.  Coincidentally, I just read in the local papers here in Singapore that the swimsuit portion of the Miss World Singapore will be cancelled this year.  Huh?  Isn’t that one of the more “traditional” (if not most appealing) sections of a beauty pageant?  What is your opinion on this?  Yay?  Or Nay?

Getting back to Miss Universe China, the tension definitely kicked up a couple of notches when we announced the final four…

…and soon it was time to pick their “destiny” with one final question from a judge.

After a short commercial break and some deliberations, the new 2011 Miss Universe China is crowned for all to see!

Congratulations to Number 18, 罗 紫 琳 Luo Zi Lin!!She’s 24 years old and is 182 cm tall so I definitely “look up” to her, especially with those high, high heels on!

Once the announcement was made and all the confetti had fallen, it was time to do some real celebrations afterward at the “Afterglow” Party…

…and you know the new reigning Miss Universe was all smiles and ready to take on the world in the Miss Universe Finals being held in San Paolo, Brazil, later this year!

Good luck and congratulations!


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Reader Comments

WHAt? its not like they are parading in the nude righ? kinda doesn’t make any sense at all

Written By sully86 on July 17th, 2011 @ 5:15 pm