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Mar 10

A Week of Firsts…

Category: Work Blogs

Don’t you just hate it when you’re working on something with your computer such as your blog and the freakin thang crashes on you?  Unfortunately, this isn’t a “first” for me so I should have been better prepared.  If so, then I’m sure the quality of this current blog would be prepared with less frustration.

Alright, enough on what I should’ve done to save my work cuz what is done is done.  Now, it’s time to move on and get to the meat of the matter.  I wouldn’t say this past week has been particularly extraordinary, but then again it is what you make of it.  And from that angle, I decided to see what experiences could be “firsts,” especially since I plowing through my thirties.

First, I went to go try out this type of alcohol called absinthe at a restaurant in Singapore aptly named Absinthe.  I still recall many years ago watching Johnny Depp in this movie called “The Ripper” where he seemed to get more than the conventional buzz from imbibing some absinthe.  Since then, I’ve always been curious, but I never really got around to trying it.  Last week, my moment had arrived, and the owner Philippe of Absinthe even pulled out the original absinthe glass and spoon that his great grandmother used…

…and yes, that photograph is an actual picture of his late great grandmother.  All being said, I finally drank two glasses of this concoction, and I was quickly reminded that I have never been a huge fan of black licorice.  Furthermore, the mythical intoxicating effects that I had anticipated from the movie never really took full effect either.  Nevertheless, I still had a great culinary experience at the restaurant Absinthe, and this place must be pretty damn good for my wife to proclaim it her “favorite restaurant right now.”

Moving on to another “first” for the week, I began working on this new sports reality game show with teenagers aged 14-17 called “Game On.”  Sure, I’ve done my share of hosting for a variety of variety programs, but this show is primarily set up to showcase the first ever Youth Olympic Games being held later this year in August.

We all convened to get the film rollin at 545 AM so you know it was no picnic crawling outta bed even though I normally just wake up a little bit later.  While the kids and production crew were all waiting for the sun to rise, I spotted this small bug chillin next to me on a log bench.  Only when there was sufficient light did I discover I had chanced upon my very first blue hornet…

Now, is this little critter awesome or what?  Just seeing this blue insect at the crack of dawn made me think we were in for one helluva day.  I should’ve known it was gonna be one helluva HOT day at Sentosa!

All that said and done, I’m gonna quickly scurry on outta this hotzone in Phuket cuz the mozzies are having a superb buffet dinner WITH me!  I’ve had a great time with the family here in this island paradise so now it’s time to get set to return to Singapore in time for my “Pillowtalk” with Yasminne on Class 95 tomorrow night from 10~1130 PM.

Look out (or listen out) for it if you’re bored and wanna here what I’m gonna spout out about love, life, and Li Lin!


Reader Comments

Love your voice over the radio~ sounding really sexy!! =)

Written By Jessie on March 31st, 2010 @ 10:12 pm

:-) Happy you enjoyed my voice and hope you like the interview too!

Written By Allan on April 1st, 2010 @ 10:49 am