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Jun 14

Hi-Mo 20 Second “On Air” Version

I think I’ve figured it’s a lot easier to use YouTube to share this video with you.  Unlike the previous 15 second version for my new Hi-Mo ad, here’s the 20 second version that you can see on a local television set in Korea…

аудит сайтов

Jun 14

Ready. Set. Easy!

In the meantime, this video you are about to “partially” see is for Korea’s biggest hair solutions centre called Hi-Mo.  I know…the topic of hair loss for ageing men and women isn’t usually the most uplifting and confidence-building topic for most people.  And because of this, I really had no idea how this would all turn out so I can just say I was quite curious as to how Hi-Mo turn the “hairs” back.  So without further or do, here is the first version…

…I must confess I was quite shocked with the result and must commend Hi-Mo for doing a fun and entertaining job with solving this hairy issue.  If anyone can make this  all hip and cool, then you know the Koreans can do it!

Oh…and if you’d like to see the full version, then please comb on over to my FB Fan Page at:



Jun 14

Drive Better with AXA!


Recently, I had the pleasure of attending and testing out this brand new mobile application from AXA Insurance which focuses on assessing the user’s driving ability.  I’ve always thought I was a pretty decent driver cos I’ve never had a car accident (I know I know…NEVER say NEVER…but I just had to do it), but this app really made me focus on driving more carefully and consciously, especially it would compute a total score out of 300 at the end of the journey.

Along with fellow Singaporean artistes, I had to test my mettle behind the wheel with the other boys against the girls…


After it was all said and done, the boys actually lost!  Can you believe that?!%  Hah! Hah!

Oh well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board (or back to the AXA Drive) for me to work on my score so I can give a better showing next time.

And if you do happen to do a bit of driving yourself and would like to try out this fun AND free app for yourself, then you can download it at any of these sites depending on whichever handset you are currently using:

Apple Links
Facebook http://bit.ly/2hPR3ju
Instagram http://bit.ly/1jLNoCY
Twitter http://bit.ly/1pzbcBS
Blog http://bit.ly/U6GmnG

Android Links
Facebook http://bit.ly/1hPR3ju
Instagram http://bit.ly/T6faVe
Twitter http://bit.ly/1gXgODs
Blog http://bit.ly/1wSqDYa

Thanks for dropping by once again here, and I vow to do a better job of updating this website with my latest happs now that I’ve decided to wipe the dust off and get busy busy again!  Hope you’re well and hope to see you again soon!