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Aug 13

Paddling Ahead…


As I swim into an uncertain future, I had a meaningful time catching up with old friends back in Singapore.  Many things are still up in the air for me, but I now cherish even more the family, friends, and fans who have offered their support and love during these difficult and trying times.  There’s nothing gratifying than to have people know you who truly are and understand the sacrifices and commitment you have always made to your family and your work.  Thank you again to you all (and you should know who you are!)  Here’s just a few shots I was able to take during my time back…





…and soon it will be time once again to stand up and fight for what I believe it fair and right.  Wish me luck cuz ya know I am gonna be needing some of that too!


Aug 13

Back for more PCCA


This past weekend, I went back into PCCA action as we took the racing season to Korea!  I hadn’t been to Korea for a few years so it was nice to get back to this country that I just love visiting.  Inje International Racing Circuit is a new track that just opened a few months back in the city of Inje, and we all had a great time getting back into motor sport racing action…





As I continue to work on my personal matters, it was truly a treat to come to Korea for a few days to enjoy the sights and sounds…and of course the food too!


…and on that note, I’m outta here and gonna go have some fun in Seoul before I fly off!  See ya!


Aug 13

New Shots of My Head

Time’s be a changin so with a new beginning comes some new head shots. Actually, you can probably tell I didn’t get too dressed up or made up for these shots so let’s hope they still work…and can garner me some work!





Personally, I still prefer the unshaven look. How about you?

Thanks again to my friend and celebrity photographer David Tan for shooting my mug for me too!интернет поисковое продвижение сайта

Aug 13

For the Hard Times…

I’ll be the first to admit that times haven’t been the easiest for me recently, but there’s one thing that keeps me happy, healthy, and striving to push forward with my life.  And of course, it can only be exercise.  If for one reason or another you have an excuse to not do it, here’s fifty reasons why you should…