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Mar 13

Astelier Magazine “Chivalry Style” Interview

Late last year, I did an interview in Malaysia for Astelier magazine under their Chivalry Style column.  Unfortunately, the English version isn’t out yet, but the Deputy Editor Jeff Lee was kind enough to first send me a Chinese version…


If you got the technology to read the interview in Chinese, then here’s the link (because I could not get the article transferred to my website for the life of me) below.  这张访问的英文版还没出来所以我先跟你分享中文版的吧?


 алгоритм раскрутки сайта

Mar 13

China Fun under the SoCal Sun

Earlier this year, I worked on a beauty and fashion TV show for Hunan satellite 湖南卫视 (the second largest broadcast network in China) called “我是大美人“ (Roughly translated as “I am a Beauty Queen”) as a producer and host.  Now, while the image of a “beauty queen” most likely doesn’t pop up when you conjure images of me, the locale was from Southern California so now it all makes some more sense.  I had a great time visiting all the cool and hip venues back home and even had some time to “sorta” teach my fellow Chinese co-hosts how to understand the basics of surfing down in Santa Monica.  Here’s a segment from the show with some surf (and my face) in the turf along with me rippin out some mean Mandarin for you all impromptu freestyle!

Hope you enjoyed that and see ya again soon!topod.in

Mar 13

ESQUIRE Singapore – March 2013

Even though I am not in Singapore, I finally got my “virtual” eyes and hands on a recent fashion shoot I did for Esquire magazine that came out this month.  Upon first look, I am wondering why the white background is still present in each of the shots?  Do you think it looks better this way?  Personally, I would’ve preferred to stand on top of a suspension bridge or slide down some tile roofing or skydive off some commercial plane myself, but we sometimes need to make sacrifices for the sake of art!   *:P tongue




Mar 13

Esquire Singapore photo shoot video

Hope the Year of the Snake has started off well for you.

In the meantime, here’s a short video for the fashion shoot I did for this month’s March issue of Esquire Singapore men’s magazine: