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Feb 13

Czech Out the Fear Factor

Wow…I just realized it’s been almost ten years when I competed on the US reality show “Fear Factor” back in 2004.  No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I always get a good laugh.  Recently, I came across this slightly different version where everything is dubbed over in another language so “Czech” it out!

If you have problems with playing it from here, then you can also go directly to the original website here:
I don’t know whether that was entertaining for you, but I thought it still was good for a few laughs even though I had no idea what they were saying!


Feb 13

Happy Chinese New Year!

Although most of us have already celebrated the New Year back in the beginning of January, I’d just like to wish all of our fans of the Lunar calendar a Happy Year of the Snake ahead, and here’s some quick reading for you in today’s Straits Times newspaper back in Singapore with my new HTC Butterfly super smartphone in case you’re on holiday and have nothing else to do!


Have a great first week and catch up again soon!

раскрутка сайтов москва

Feb 13

I am a Beauty Queen?!@#$%


And just like that, I returned to LA much sooner than I anticipated to work on this Chinese TV show as a producer.  My friend Liv Duan from Shanghai told me a short while back that they were planning on doing a special episode for their show “我是大美人“ (roughly translated as “I’m a Beauty Queen”) in Los Angeles.  Since I grew up in SoCal, she figured I might be able to help them find some pretty cool locations to shoot and showcase the best of L.A.’s fashion and beauty.  This program in China happens to be on the second highest-rated TV channel there called Hunan satellite so it was cool to learn more about the production aspects from behind the camera this time.  In order to get the ball rolling and the locations going, I arrived back in LA a week before so I could lock down some great venues for the show, and here we went by kicking off a busy week of filming at Elyse Walker Boutique in Pacific Palisades…


Elyse and her knowledgeable sales team were fantastic, and it’s no wonder that so many Hollywood celebrities like to visit her store for the latest and greatest in fashion today.  After that, we zipped on over to Decades Vintage Couture on Melrose…


At Decades, we had the pleasure of working with star stylist Barbara Constantin as she shared with us the latest trends in fashion for the Red Carpet.


Thanks again to Co-Owner Christos for letting us showcase your stunning collection of vintage couture fashion!  After that, we immediately went over to the uber-cool fashion boutique on Melrose called Satine that is run and owned by my old CAL alumni classmate and fearless fashionista Jeannie Lee…


Jeannie, I wouldn’t have been able to put this amazing showcase of stores together without your input and help so thank you so much for everything!  Finally, we capped off an exciting day of fashion footage with a visit to Church Boutique on Santa Monica for the latest in rock chic fashion…


Even the art pieces and deco at Church Boutique was definitely worth the trip!


Later on, we definitely had to feature Ron Robinson at Fred Segal for a TV program epitomizing LA trends and fashion so thank you Karen Meena for making this all happen at Apothia!


Of course, all work and no play is certainly not the way to spend a day in LA so you know I’ll be sure to be back with more of what I’ve been up to here in SoCal!  Until then, have a Happy Chinese New Year!