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Jan 13

“Work and Play” Mode in Singapore


Before I flew back to LA last week, I made a quick trip back to Singapore for work and also to catch up with some friends.  The party scene in Singapore sure has changed and remained the same over the time I’ve experienced it during the past decade, and I always have good times.


Premiere clubs like Mink and Royal Room do well in the nightlife scene, and it’s nice to get out there once in a while with fellow Fly artistes Jimmy Taenaka and Bobby Tonelli.  Speaking of Fly, I also had the pleasure of celebrating a belated birthday with our kick ass talent manager Ling and fearless leader Irene Ang over some Malaysian hot pot…



Of course, I couldn’t drop into Singapore without taking some meetings and doing some work so after I got my hair all cleaned up at Passion Hair Salon, it was time to slick it up once again for a fashion spread with Esquire magazine…


So why exactly do I look like I’m freakin out in each of these pictures?  Find out in the March issue of Esquire Singapore!  Until then, I’m gonna take a nap now cuz I’m totally jet lagged back in LA!


Thanks again and come back soon to find out what exactly I’m doing here in Hollywood!@$#%раскрутка сайта

Jan 13

Fly like an HTC Butterfly…


Mobile phones has become ever increasingly important as both a communication device and fashion accessory, and I was really excited to get my hands on the latest and greatest offering with HTC’s all new powerful Butterfly.  This is the first phone with a 5-inch 1080 (1920×1080) megapixel display so you know you’ll be viewing videos and pictures with clearest and highest resolution of anything on the current market.  In comparison, The HTC One X offers 312 ppi, the iPhone 5’s “Retina display”, 326 ppi, and the Nokia Lumia 920, 332 ppi.  Powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core APQ8064 processor inside, you know this bad boy is gonna run super fast and maybe that’s why it comes in super sleek colors…


I’ve been fortunate enough to have one of the first HTC Butterfly handsets to be launched in Singapore last week, and I had fun sharing it with the media in various shoots including Esquire magazine, The Straits Times, and TNP The New Paper…






One surprising piece of information I learned along the way was that the Butterfly is even waterproof.  I don’t think this means you can go swimming with it, but it does mean it’ll stand up well under wet and rainy conditions.  What was even cooler was I was also able to get my hands on a China limited edition HTC Butterfly that comes with its own “Mini Phone”…


Yeah…you can say I’m flyin pretty high at the moment with my HTC Butterfly and since I know you’re probably really starting to get tired of seeing me with this slick device, I’m going to let the “real model”s show off this kick ass new model!


If you get a chance, you should definitely try to go to your local HTC retailer or service provider to experience the Butterfly for yourself!раскрутка сайтов коммерческое предложение

Jan 13

New Year’s in the States

Hello Again and thanks for stopping by!  I must apologize for being rather flakey as of late in updating my entries at this website.  The last few weeks have been extremely busy, but I do hope to make things right again in terms of sharing more information here starting with the end of 2012 where I took my two babies back to California to spend Christmas and New Year’s.  As you can see from the picture above, I even had a chance to pretend to be a real bonafide firefighter in LA for a day while my little brother Danny Wu takes on these duties full time as the real deal.  During the course of the day, Uncle Danny let the kids try their hand at a few things including trying to work the water hose…

I am not sure if I should be posting this but the kids also has their “driving lesson” in a golf cart on the enclosed private premises…


This year for New Year’s was particularly exciting because we had the opportunity to celebrate the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 in Las Vegas.  It was the children’s first time to Vega$ and actually my first time spending New Year’s there.  Of course, the little ones were more concerned going here to play carnival games and win stuff animals…


…but I still took the kids onto the main strip to experience a bonafide Las Vegas New Year’s celebration just in time for the countdown and fireworks display!


During the course of our time in the States, I think I finally got the kids hooked on the always “cornerstone of a nutritious diet of hamburgers, hot dogs, and milk shakes” so that just means it more reason to keep them (and myself) active and exercising for 2013…


Agh…nothing like the great outdoors (and the perfect weather in Sunny SoCal!) so I even took the kids out fishing for a day down in Irvine…


…needless to say, we all had an amazing time back in California so now it’s time to give one final “Thumb’s Up” before I start getting back into Work Mode!


Hope your New Year is staring off well and see you very soon!

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