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Nov 12

Hot Guys Who Cook is heatin up again soon!

This coming Monday, December 3rd, I’ll take my talents (or lack thereof) away from the pit stop mats of The Amazing Race Asia and The Amazing Race China Race and step into the kitchen for the premiere episode of the newest season of Hot Guys Who Cook on Diva Universal channel at 7 PM!  I must confess I had a great time working on this successful format, and things heat up even more for this second season as there is a competition element with a mystery celebrity judge to boot!

In this premiere episode, I’ll be going up against Zain Saidin from Malaysia…

…and Paolo Gonzalez from the Philippines.

We all had a lot of competitive fun working on the shoot where these boys play for keeps…

…and I even broke a good sweat along the way while racing around to find various essential ingredients for our culinary masterpieces!

So there you have it…the stage is set so don’t miss the premiere episode coming this Monday night at 7 PM only on Diva Universal channel:

Singapore – StarHub Ch522

Malaysia – Astro Ch 702

Philippines – Skycable Ch 37

Taiwan – MOD中華電信: 97

Finally, here is a quick rundown for the schedule of the show:

Episode 1 on 3 December, 7pm  – Allan, Paolo and Zain

Episode 2 on 10 December, 7pm – Oli, Adam and Armando

Episode 3 on 17 December, 7pm  – George, Henry and Paul

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!!!

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Nov 12

Interview “Served Hot” with Malaysia’s HYPE

Allan Wu, Served Hot

Here’s the original website link for the interview below:


Allan Wu, Served Hot

Chinese-American actor, host, and VJ Allan Wu is popular for many reasons – his dashing good looks, muscular physique, and for being adventurous. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to recognize him on the streets, right? He is the face of “The Amazing Race Asia”, after all.

But don’t for one second think that his adventures end there. Because we just got word that he is one of the handful of “delicious” men who have big plans to grace your TV screen and wow you with their prowess in dishing up comfort food the best way they know how in the new season of “Hot Guys Who Cook”.

Yum yum?

So, here’s the thing, we kidnapped Allan for a bit for a little chat and he shared his thoughts on being “one of the guys”. Yup! You know which ones:

Hi Allan! Whereabouts are you right now and what are you currently doing? Like, at this very moment.

“I’m in Shanghai and I’m just about to go on set to work on a Chinese drama that equivalent to the Asian version of ‘Gossip Girl’. It should be interesting!”

So, “Hot Guys Who Cook” is going to be something completely different from what you’ve done previously. What was your initial reaction when you found out that you were going to be on the show?

“I’ve had a lot of friends that were previously on the show so..it’s a very, very fun show and very different. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, you know, guys cooking and stuff. I was so excited to be considered to be on ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’ but like you said, this is something different for me and to showcase a different facet of mine for the general audience in all of Asia to watch..it’s an experience for me. I really enjoyed it and it was definitely an opportunity to go in front of the camera and meet everyone – and show my culinary prowess or lack thereof in the kitchen.”

Have you always loved cooking or did you have to have a crash course in preparation for this?

“I wouldn’t say I don’t love cooking but I would just say that..my better half is a better cooker or cook (laughs). So, she definitely does more of the cooking stuff. I’m more in charge of the eating! But with ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’ I had to try to bring my A Game because it was going to be a competition and this time, we had a mystery judge and all that stuff. I had to talk to my wife about what would be good, you know..and get the right attitude before I went on set.”

Do you have a signature dish? Tell us a little bit more about that.

“It’s chicken, it’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s healthy. It has olive oil and lots of herbs on it like crushed up rosemary and thyme. With garlic, and onion, and pepper – it’s something that I think is comfort food, you know? Something that a lot of people that can appreciate because a lot of people don’t eat pork or beef  and a lot of people eat chicken so I guess..chicken was a good idea. It’s accompanied by a bed of sweet mashed potatoes to complement the chicken, and also a side of salad with homemade vinegar dressing.”

What was the one thing or rather, who was the one person who surprised you the most in “Hot Guys Who Cook Season Two”?

“I would probably have to say Paolo Gonzalez or George Young. It’s just great to have a show that is unscripted where we go on camera and do ad libs, and show a little bit more of your personality. It takes more skills than say..just hosting or acting.”

If you had a choice to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?

“Ah! Good question! I think I would’ve maybe gone for a more challenging dish – I think I kind of underestimated my culinary abilities. I would’ve gone for something that was a little more complex, not necessarily in preparation but presentation. Like, make my dish more pretty complete with garnishing and all that stuff.”

Were there any funny moments behind the scenes that we should know of?

“There’s a lot! A lot of funny moments. I don’t think many people would notice this but..there was once where I was sitting on the counter on the kitchen and as I was sitting, I heard this loud ripping sound. I realized later on that my pants had ripped. We had to duct tape or gaffer tape it afterwards. I haven’t even told anybody about this – this is breaking news!”

Haha. Yes, that’s an exclusive for Hype Malaysia! Now, leave a message for your Malaysian fans.

“Hello Malaysia! This is Allan Wu. It’s always good to come back to Malaysia to work and to see everyone. Thanks for all your support, I love you all. Merry Christmas!”

No, thank YOU for taking time off to speak to us! Yay!

Hot Guys Who Cook premieres 3rd December (Monday) and will air every Monday after at 7pm only on DIVA Universal. For more information, visit their official website.


Nov 12

The new December issue of Lifestyle is out!

Here is the new December 2012 issue of Lifestyle Magazine in Singapore for you to enjoy!

…and not it’s time to hit the pool at the new W Hotel on Sentosa Island! 😉

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Nov 12

SOCIETY Magazine Malaysia Celebrity Travels

Here’s a new SOCIETY Magazine Celebrity Travel interview I did this month…

…think I gotta get out and do some more traveling!@%$продвижение

Nov 12

PCCA comes to Shanghai for the Season Finale

This past weekend, I not only concluded the third season for The Amazing Race China Rush but also the exhilarating season for the 2012 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia motorsport racing season in Shanghai.  After racing on five different international racetracks in three different countries, it all came down to this final weekend for both the Overall Class and Class B race drivers.

The race weekends on the track are always a lot of fun because you’ll get to not only see the Porsche Carrera GTIII Cups racing on the track but also a selection of other premium sports cars..

I had a great time doing the grid walk for one final time this season, and this picture just happens to be the car of Alexander Imperatori, our Overall Winner for the 2012 PCCA Season…

After an exciting weekend on the racetrack, it was time to shift gears and get gussied up with my cohost Paisley Hu for the Season Finale Awards Dinner at the Shanghai International Fashion Center…

 And with a Vroooom…the 2012 PCCA season has come to an end.  I had a blast working with Porsche on this highly successful season of their race.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it all again next season.  In the meantime, it’s time to celebrate and down some shots…

…and I can drink as much as I want because they’re all Vitaminwater and all nutritious for me! :P tongueраскрутка

Nov 12

Congratulations Liu Wei Wei and Lei Sheng!

And just like that…the third season for The Amazing Race China Rush has come to an end this past weekend as “Trainers” Lei Sheng and Liu Wei Wei were the first team to arrive at our final pit stop in Chengdu, China!  They are also the first ever Chinese team to win the race too (in addition to being the first all male team)!  Congratulations to them and also to all of our teams for making this show such and exciting and entertaining experience for everyone involved!  In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite moments from this final day of the race…

hope you thoroughly enjoyed the entire season of the race.  Now, it’s time to shift gears and move on to some other projects while we get ready for hopefully a fourth season next year!

And once I hear anything…I’ll be sure to let you know!!!раскрутка сайта

Nov 12


A few months back, I had a FUN-tastic time working on a new web series called “First Gear” which aims to educate people on buying their first car.  If you’d like to see our work or just need some laughs, then just click right here:



комплексная сео раскрутка

Nov 12

First Gear Episode 1 Mandarin

Recently, I did a new web series called “First Gear” for Ford, and the first episode if finally out!  Unfortunately, this is the Mandarin version, but I’ll plan to post up the English version once that becomes available!

продвижение нч

Nov 12

Travel Interview the SENATUS Online Magazine

Here’s a recent interview I did with SENATUS Online Magazine.  The original link is:


Magazine » Dining & Travel

Travel Dialogues with The Luxe Nomad: Allan Wu

November 5, 2012

By The Luxe Nomad

The Travel Dialogue interview series officially kicks off the partnership between SENATUS, Asia’s Premier Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine withThe Luxe Nomad, Your Definitive Answer to Traveling in Style.

Allan Wu, host of The Amazing Race Asia and The Amazing Race: China Rush and fellow SENATUS member, might just be The Luxe Nomad’s favourite male celebrity, thanks to his eternal good looks, amazing abs and genuine sense of humour.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, Allan soon realized that his career would veer far away from his Pre-Med major and biotechnology background. Little did he know that his career in entertainment would propel him all the way to Asia even after modeling for the prestigious Ford Model Agency in Los Angeles, California.

Once Allan decided to “set up shop” in Asia, he was immediately invited to become an MTV VJ in Taiwan with stints on MTV Taiwan’s Party Zone, International Top 20 and Most Wanted. Not resting on his laurels, Allan later moved to Hong Kong to focus more on his acting and was featured in numerous television commercials regionally along the way.

Allan took Singapore by storm when he first dropped in over seven years ago. In addition to hosting and presenting, Allan is also one of the most sought after actors on screen and has starred in an extensive list of productions both in English and Mandarin. Never one to back down from a dare, Allan even found himself consuming maggots, worms, stinky beetles, and rotten fish eyes on NBC’s Fear Factor in the United States.

Establishing himself as Singapore’s one and only hunkalicious action hero, Allan landed the highly coveted spot as the Host of AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia for its entire 4 seasons and now helms the new The Amazing Race: China Rush series. There’s no telling how far Allan will soar – Only the sky’s the limit.

How did you manage to snag Asia’s most coveted TV hosting job?
I had to audition just like every other interested party in Asia, and I can safely say now that the entire experience has been truly “Amazing.”

I have traveled to so many places that I know I would most likely never visit in this lifetime, and it’s allowed me to appreciate everything I have in my life even more.

What’s your go-to travel wardrobe?
I like to be comfortable so it all starts with loose, comfortable clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, etc. I also make sure to have a hat to block out the light when I want to nap along with sneakers in case there’s a lot of walking around the airport.

Any tips for packing from a frequent traveler like yourself?
I always like to spend a bit more time to ensure all my clothing is nicely folded and packed away so I know everything is truly “pret-a-porter” (ready to wear) once I reach my destination.

Do you have a special fitness program to stay in shape?
I maintain a consistent workout regimen of running, swimming, and lifting weights at least five times per week in addition to eating a balanced healthy diet.  Nothing comes for free…so I need to put in the time and dedication to the desired results.

So you not only work in China, but also holiday in China?
I recently took the family on a bike holiday to the remote island of Shengsi not far from Shanghai. This was the perfect getaway for the October holiday in China because it wasn’t too far, wasn’t crowded, and the scenery was simply spectacular for biking enthusiasts.

When we think of China, cities like Shanghai and Beijing come to mind. Where should one really be exploring?
Dali – An ancient capital of the Bai kingdom Nanzhao and the Kingdom of Dali. Lots of political history there!

Lijiang – The world famous Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site, and has a history going back to the old tea horse road. It’s also famous for its waterways and bridges system.

Zhangjiajie – Home of the Wulinyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, famous for its dramatic mountain ranges, natural rock formations and underground cataracts, as well as the Bailong elevator – the world’s largest outdoor elevator.

Wuzhen – Centre of six ancient towns south of the Yangtze River, famous for its ancient stone bridges, stone pathways and delicate woodcarvings.

Yanbian – A Korean Autonomous Prefecture north east of China, and houses an important archaeological site: the Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain

Other than ‘racing’ across the rest of China, where else do you dream of going?
South America.  This is the only continent other than Antarctica I haven’t visited, and I’d love to see Machu Picchu in Peru!

What’s your favourite hotel chain so far?
Peninsula Hotels, without a doubt.  Even though they’re already famous for their quality and service, it’s their attention to detail, especially when it comes to the needs of hotel guests as well as excellent guest services, that makes a stay with them special.

Met anyone memorable while traveling?
On my recent bicycle holiday to Shengsi Island, I met the organizer of the tour named Bill Gaylord, and he is truly one colorful, informative, and entertaining character. I always thought I talked a lot, but this person never let me get a word in!

What have you learnt about yourself?
We are all small time in this big time world.

There’s so much beauty to explore, and I hope to continue to be able to travel to live and experience more.

Book some of Asia’s most exclusive hotels and villas at member-only rates up to 70% off at The Luxe Nomad

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Nov 12

TIME OUT Body & Mind Interview

Here’s a recent interview from TIME OUT Magazine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Celebrity fitness secrets: Allan Wu

Updated: 1 Nov 2012
Celebrity fitness secrets: Allan Wu


You travel a lot for work. How do you keep fit on the go? 
Honestly, when I’m in the middle of an intense filming schedule, I don’t really work out at all. I’m too tired and the hours are long. But I use that as motivation when I’m done filming to exercise more and get healthy again. In the past, I would try to exercise while I’m on the road, but it’s just too much of a hassle. When I haven’t worked out for awhile, I start feeling guilty and I’ll get back in shape. I know I’ll come back harder, stronger, faster and swifter. Since starting a Chinese drama in Singapore, I sometimes go three months without working out. I just kind of get thin, I don’t get fat. In that way I’m lucky, I guess.

What sports do you enjoy?
I enjoy a lot of team sports. I used to play a lot of beach volleyball and basketball and was on my football team in high school. But now a lot of my friends work, so I have to do more lonely sports like running or swimming. I still enjoy playing tennis, if I can find one friend. I’m going to go snowboarding this winter. I don’t really use it to stay fit, it’s more for fun.

Do you have any sports or fitness idols? 
Michael Jordan, he is someone everyone can admire as he sets a very good example. Right now I like LeBron James. Usain Bolt, I like him but he’s a little bit too cocky at times.

Do you have any special diet tips? 
Everyone can eat all they would like to but in moderation. Our bodies, as we get older, don’t need as much as we’d like to shove down our throats. Also, I try to drink a lot of water. It helps to keep your system flushed out. I definitely try to stay away from supper, like after eight or nine. That’s when your metabolism slows down and you’re more prone to gain weight. I try to chew more as it breaks down your food and digests easier. I eat more small meals versus big meals to reduce hunger pangs.

As a father of two, how do you motivate your children to get involved in physical activities? 
I’m very participatory. I’ll actually go out and run laps with them and time them. I see a lot of kids today are a little bit obese. Especially with iPads, internet, TV, movies – it’s so easy to just sit on your ass all day. It’s important to me that the youth of today be educated on healthy living.

What was the most challenging event you have experienced in your life thus far?
Long term, I’d say being a father. I have a newfound respect for full-time mums and the amount of time and effort they put into raising a family. Being a parent has made me want to be a better person. I don’t cuss as much now. I want to do things properly and treat others right because I don’t want to set a bad example for them. For a short term challenge, I would say ‘Fear Factor’. I had to drink 21 shots of blended worms, maggots, stinking cockroaches and rotten fish eyes. I don’t know how I did that, but I did. Another challenge for me now is working in China and having to perfect my Chinese. I’ve always been a lover of challenges; if it doesn’t kill or break you, it makes you stronger and you come out a better version of yourself.

How do you prepare yourself mentally before a particularly challenging task?
I used to get really nervous. I’m very methodical with my preparation, I go over it repeatedly and imagine going through the whole project. You have to do your homework. It’s important to stay on your game, because there are a lot of people who want to take over your place.

What advice would you give to those wanting to overcome the psychological barriers that stop them from achieving their fitness and health goals? 
It’s easy to begin a new fitness routine, but it’s hard to maintain. Remember that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Start small – the pyramids weren’t built in one day. Take baby steps. Don’t get discouraged, be realistic.

Which is more important: brains, beauty or brawn? 
I would say brains. In this world right now, people might think beauty. Beauty helps you get ahead but beauty will fade. Brawn is the least needed. It’s nice to have all three though.

Do you indulge in a little self-pampering? 
I keep trying all these different types of massages like sports therapy, Swedish or Thai. I just can’t get into it. Either they press you too hard or they don’t press you enough. I’m ticklish too. So I’d rather exercise. I don’t really need to be pampered. Agnetha Foong

Allan Wu is the ambassador for the AXN Big Challenge. www.axn-asia.com/AXNBigChallenge.

You can check out the original link at: http://www.timeoutkl.com/bodyandmind

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