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Oct 12

I-Weekly Magazine has got me Covered

Good morning (or evening wherever you may be) and hope you’re having a good week.  Recently, I did a cover feature story for I-Weekly magazine back in Singapore, and it just came out earlier this week.  Now since I’m still in China, I’m in the process of getting an actual copy of the issue to read what’s been written…and hopes it’s all good!  zy_org.gif


Oct 12

U-Weekly Magazine Interview

Here’s a recent interview I did with U-Weekly magazine that just came out a few days ago…


Oct 12

Minority Report

This weekend’s next episode of The Amazing Race China Rush is a party, and it gets Big…

…and Bigger

…and even Bigger!

Hope to see ya at this exciting Pit Stop with our largest number of greeters yet! :-)сайт

Oct 12

More iFitness photos…

Here are a few more photos from my recent iFitness covershoot.  As much as I’m not a big fan of too much Adobe Photoshop, I think Howie still did a great job with the pics.  What do you think?


Oct 12

The Luxe Nomad Travel Interview

  • Why, hello there…

    He just might be our favourite guy Nomad, thanks to his youthful good looks, amazing abs and genuine sense of humour. But don’t take our word for it…read on to find out more about Allan Wu, The Amazing Race Asia and China’s host on AXN.

    How on earth did you snag the Asia’s most coveted job and tell us what that’s been like? 

    I had to audition just like every other interested party in Asia, and I can safely say now that the entire experience has been truly “Amazing.”  I have traveled to so many places that I know I would most likely never visit in this lifetime, and it’s allowed me to appreciate everything I have in my life even more.

    You must be able to pack with your eyes closed by now. What’s your go-to travel wardrobe?  

    I like to be comfortable so it all starts with loose, comfortable clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, etc.  I also make sure to have a hat to block out the light when I want to nap along with sneakers in case there’s a lot of walking around the airport.

    What’s the thing you always pack (besides your passport, obviously)?

    Sunglasses along with my HTC One S smartphone (plus charger).

    We know a few guys who aren’t very tidy in the packing department. Any tips?

    I always like to spend a bit more time to ensure all my clothing is nicely folded and packed away so I know everything is truly “pret-a-porter” (ready to wear) once I reach my destination.

    We guess the girls (and some guys) would like to know – boxers or briefs?

    Boxers…I’m all about comfort.  However, I can also do boxer briefs for the best of both worlds.

    That’s Udaipur’s Lake Palace back there!

    Do you have a special fitness program for your abs of steel?

    I maintain a consistent workout regimen of running, swimming, and lifting weights at least five times per week in addition to eating a balanced healthy diet.  Nothing comes for free…so I need to put in the time and dedication to the desired results.

    So you’re stranded on a desert island, who would you like to be stranded with?

    Chris Rock.  I’ve always enjoyed his sense of humour and he seems to always be in a jovial happy mood.

    Meeting the locals on Shengsi Island

    You not only work in China, but you also holiday in China! Tell us about your recent trip…

    I recently took the family on a bike holiday to the remote island of Shengsi not far from Shanghai. This was the perfect getaway for the October holiday in China because it wasn’t too far, wasn’t crowded, and the scenery was simply spectacular for biking enthusiasts.

    We might be way off here, but on a wild guess, we’re thinking China’s your favourite place in the world?

    Yup. Simply because there is so much to explore and experience.

     If China is a place where you can be amongst millions, where is it that you’ve felt the most alone?

    Dubai.  Every time I visit there I always marvel at how this massive desert has transformed into a modern day metropolis.

    Skiing in Niseko, Japan

    Where else do you dream of going?

    South America.  This is the only continent other than Antarctica I haven’t visited, and I’d love to see Machu Picchu in Peru.

    Best thing you’ve eaten on your recent travels? Weirdest thing?

    Grilled sweet cheese sticks in Dali, China.  The weirdest thing would probably be live sea cucumbers in Penglai, China.

    What have you learnt about yourself through travelling?

    We are all small time in this big time world.  There’s so much beauty to explore, and I hope to continue to be able to travel to live and experience more.

    You have to be pretty macho on the show, but what makes you cry?

    Besides watching the birth of my children, chopping onions gets me almost every time.

    Doing his best Backstreet Boys impression!

    We know you love your job, but what would you do if it wasn’t TV and acting?

    I’d probably be a “Guy Tai,” a male version of “Tai Tai’s,” and be a full-time daddy to my children.  I wonder if there’s an entertaining way to do that while also getting paid at the same time!  Maybe a new reality show?!

    Last question, or more like fill-in-the-blank. You are a closet _____ fan.

    I’m going to lose my street cred, but I’d have to say Backstreet Boys.



продвижение сайта

Oct 12

So Where We RUSH-in Off to Next?

It’s been an absolute delight hosting this third season of The Amazing Race China Rush, and I can’t believe how fast the race has flown by.  In certain ways, we have “yielded” to the viewers’ requests to keep the pace searing hot…

…and we even had the first time opportunity to venture to Taiwan this time too.

Fortunately, the working conditions aren’t always too difficult…

…and I can’t wait to share with you all where we drop this coming week in the race!

Can you tell from these two pictures where we’ll be going next??? 8-| rolling eyes




Oct 12

Pretty (Fit) in Pink

After doing this cover shoot for iFitness magazine back in May, it’s great to see it finally coming out this week in Singapore!


Oct 12

Bike away at Shengsi Island!

During this past week, I had the absolute pleasure of discovering a hidden getaway not too far from Shanghai called Shengsi Island.  Not only were there virtually no crowds (which was highly unusual due to the fact that we were traveling during the Mid Autumn Festival and weeklong October holiday period), but the roads were specifically catered for some stunning bicycle rides…

Each day, we were treated to the rolling terrain and open roads of Shengsi Island with its beautiful untouched scenery…

We all had a great time riding around the island and enjoying the fresh seaside air…

…and interacting with the locals.

The kids even found a water-slide on the island on a newly developed resort…

At this time, I’d like to give a big shout out and Thank You! to Bill Gaylord, Jane, and Alice for organizing this wonderful trip for all of us!

I know we’d never find this hidden paradise that’s so close to Shanghai on our own, and I’m looking forward to riding with you all again sometime soon!  It’s all about SISU, Baby!  If you’d like to learn more about their upcoming adventures, then please go to their official website at:



Oct 12

NEW ICON FOR HIM Oct/Nov 2012 11th Anniversary Edition

Just realized my recent article with NEW ICON FOR HIM magazine in Malaysia came out…


Oct 12

I Need a Vacation…

Oh…it’s been one nonstop whirlwind of a month for me, but in the overall scheme of things, I believe it’s actually a good thing.  In the topsy turvy world of entertainment, you never know when your next job might drop onto your doorstep so if it does happen to rain, you put yourself in the right mindset to appreciate the pleasant storm so let’s keep running!

Here’s a quick recap of my latest haps before I share with you my latest and favorite tourist destination in China.  Starting back in August, I had the opportunity to be invited to make a celebrity appearance in Shanghai for Starwood Hotels to introduce the new Chinese version of their Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) iPhone application.  After that, it was time to mix it up with newly-traded superstar center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard, as he made his “King of the Paint” China tour before the training camp…

Once those few fun-filled days of hosting were done, it was time to fly down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to meet the fast cars and scantily-clad women for another adrenaline-pumping weekend of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia!

After another exciting weekend of motorsport racing was wrapped up, I stayed in KL for a few more days to help announce the return of the AXA Affin AXN Big Challenge to all Malaysians looking to challenge themselves with some Big Time fun!

As soon as this event was completed, it was time to rush up to Beijing to act as one of the judges for Men’s Health magazine’s “Cool Guy” competition before going to Hong Kong speak to over 4,000 guests at the Hong Kong Convention Center for skincare company Jeunesse’s annual global convention.  Once those few intense days of talking nonstop in English and Mandarin were completed, it was soon time to return once again to Singapore for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Formula One Grand Prix.

During this time in Singapore, I had the opportunity to meet with the local press and do a few cover photo shoots including this one for Lifestyle magazine at the newly opened W Hotel Sentosa Cove…

We were blessed with some fantastic weather and the view from the hotel was stunning even as a reflection…

Once we shifted operations to the poolside, I knew it was time to multitask and work on my tan too!

I recall on this day I took on the task of doing many separate interviews and photo shoots including TNP The New Paper (which just came out last weekend and I’ve posted on this website below), I-Weekly, and U-Weekly publications, which meant a seemingly interminable day of talking and posing…

….needless to say that I was quite exhausted by the end of the day.  However, I never have too much of a problem talking or talking about myself so I’m ready to do it all again soon!  And somehow during this manic work schedule, I still managed to make a day trip back to walk the red carpet and attend E! News Channel’s big bash in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, again!

Now during this entire time, I happened to miss about ten different birthdays for family and friends including Li Lin’s and my daughter Sage’s.  Fortunately, everyone was more than understanding of the nature of my work so it was nice to receive the pictures of happy smiles and good times at one of the many birthday celebrations I missed…

And on that note, I think I’m going to catch my breath and take a break.  I was planning on sharing with you what I did for a much-needed break after this crazy period over the weeklong October National Day holiday celebration in China, but I think I’ll save that one for my next entry.  Hope you enjoyed reading this relatively quick recap of the recent happs for me and catch up with you again soon!

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