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Sep 12

It’s Raining Men in China!

The past few weeks have basically been a blur with traveling all around Asia for work.  However, one particular job that really stood out was when I was invited to be a celebrity judge for Men’s Health magazine’s “Cool Guy” competition in Beijing.  I had just returned from a busy work trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before I had to fly right back to China’s capital.

Personally, I had really no idea what to expect when it came to the quality of “Cool Guys” in China, but these guys more than impressed everyone in attendance.  Armed with nothing but a pen and my scoring sheet, it was time to examine the best prime beef in China!

And this is truly one instance where pictures speak louder than words…


Round after the round, the live audience was treated to a procession of ripping muscle and before we knew it, it was time to select the contestant with the set of abs…

Even the ladies got into it with placing a big, fat, wet “sticker kiss” on their favorite “Cool Guy”…

…among these women included none other than a familiar face from Singapore, Fann Wong!

Once the show was over, it was time to select this year’s Men’s Health “Cool Guy,” and here’s a shot of the winner below with the Men’s Health team…

Thanks again to my personal friend and “Dream Worker” Annie Lee for arranging this engagement, and this is just the motivation I need to get back to the gym after slacking off the past few weeks!

 …and Wu Knows?  Once I get back into optimal shape, maybe it’s time to try and get on another Men’s Health cover here in Asia!%$@#




Sep 12

So What Does It Take to Get in the Race?

Here’s a fun article I did including a short video with Mike Peters for the China Daily that came out today.  You can see the original article “Race Master” at:

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/sunday/2012-09/09/content_15745356.htmRace master

Updated: 2012-09-09 08:11

By Mike Peters (China Daily)

 Race masterAllan Wu is already looking to next year as the new season of TheAmazing Race: China Rush begins broadcasting its third season.Provided to China Daily

Race master

Think you’ve got what it takes for a dash acrossChina? TV host Allan Wu shares some advice forreality-show wannabes with Mike Peters.

As the third season of The Amazing Race: China Rush hits the TV airwaves this month, Chinese-American host Allan Wu has a message for viewers who want to try out for the show next season: It’s just going to get tougher.

“We would definitely like to make the race more demanding and rigorous,” the energetic entertainer tells China Daily. Most participants have a sense of what they are getting themselves into because they have seen the show. But “I still have many contestants tell me after the race that it was much more challenging and difficult than they envisioned, which I believe is a good thing.”

The new season features 11 fresh teams that set off from the Bund in Shanghai, racing around China and traveling to the most exotic and “off the beaten path” locations. (The second leg of the race: “way up north to the edge of China in Suifenhe, Heilongjiang province, and I couldn’t even read the signs in the town,” Wu says of the Russian-language storefronts.)

While having to find their own way, competitors face tasks that challenge them mentally, physically and emotionally – until one new champion finally emerges 12 weeks later.

“I’ve always believed that the best script is not having a script at all because this means anything can happen,” Wu says. The season’s first surprise has come already: One contestant was eliminated right at the starting line.

“The first challenge required every team to find the symbol for ‘one’ (in an ancient dictionary),” Wu says on his first website post since broadcasting began last week. “I had the unenviable responsibility of delivering the gut-wrenching news. Sorry, Rob and Jia Jia!”

The show promises viewers will “travel the real China in 576 minutes”. That’s 12 episodes of 48 minutes each, but Wu says the crew shot up to 100 hours of footage to produce some segments. Getting that down to a watchable installment took a team of editors with as much stamina as the contestants, he says.

The third season held challenges for Wu, too. The veteran model, vee-jay, martial-arts actor and entertainer didn’t learn to speak Chinese until he was an adult. After taping at Channel ICS in Shanghai for the English version, he writes on another post, “now I prepare to flex my Mandarin chops for the Chinese version on Dragon TV this afternoon”.

So what does it take to succeed on the show – or just get on?

“We generally get a few thousand applicants that audition for each season,” says Wu, who previously hosted Amazing Race: Asia and competed on Fear Factor. “We have a lot of die-hard fans that try their luck and submit each season. Also, we have a lot of young fans who tell me how they can’t wait to be old enough to apply for the race too.”

We asked the certified physical trainer what advice he might have for fans who want to audition for the show next year.

“Stamina is vital to performing well during a race of this magnitude,” he says. “So it’s good to get out there and get moving with running or jogging. Once you’ve established a decent foundation, then you can maybe try doing the same thing with a weighted backpack so you are accustomed to being mobile and moving your personal belongings at the same time.”

“Finally, you can spend some time trying to operate normally under sleep deprivation,” says Wu. “During the race, there’s not a lot of sleep to go around, so you need to be accustomed to staying sharp and alert even when you aren’t getting enough snooze time.”

Successful applicants definitely bring something to the screen that we know will entertain the audience, Wu says. “They generally are outgoing, extroverted, witty, fun, daring, and adventurous. I believe many who apply think that they got the ‘right stuff’, but we need to take a more objective stance and determine how each prospective team will measure up and compare to their potential peers and competitors.”

With the new season “in the can”, Wu says for the past several months he’s just wrapped up the Adidas King in the Paint China Tour with NBA All-Star Dwight Howard from the Los Angeles Lakers, and then hosted coverage of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia motorsport race in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malaysia, he’s introducing a brand-new reality show for Channel AXN, and he’s in discussions to do a TV drama series in Japan and a film in Singapore.

Before he knows it, he’ll be back in Shanghai, where he moved last year with his family.

“We are absolutely loving it!” says the Southern California native, who is thrilled to be getting a better understanding of his cultural roots.

“There’s an old world charm here in Shanghai coupled with the modern metropolitan vibe of a big city.”

Contact the writer at michaelpeters@chinadaily.com.cn.



Sep 12

…And We’re Off!!!


And just like that, the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush is off and running…or racing!  Last Sunday, we’re premiered the first episode, and it’s been great to see how happy our fans are to finally get this show on the road.  I’m also excited to be able to finally share some pictures from the race myself.  As many of you already know, we chose to kick off the new season from the iconic Bund in Shanghai, and all the teams were amped up and ready to go!

As our intrepid eleven teams lined up together for the first (and last) time, this was their first real opportunity to assess and size up their competition.  But before they could initiate a “heart to heart” session with their potential adversaries, it was time to get moving…


…and before you could say “Intersection,” it was time to “Go!”  In an unexpected twist of fate, I announced that one unfortunate team would be eliminated at the starting line if they were the last team to complete the first challenge, which required every team to find the symbol for “One” in the ancient Hanci dictionary.  Rob and Jia Jia were the last team complete the task, and I had the unenviable responsibility of delivering the gut-wrenching news.  Sorry, Rob and Jia Jia!

From this exciting start, the teams headed towards Yang Cheng…


…and they knew better than to be monkeying around (unless their Road Block soon required them to build a swing with just the supplies given for a monkey!)

One by one, the teams raced their way as quickly as possible to the first pit stop of the season.  Here’s a shot of Ryan and Charlie going through what went down in the leg…

Henry and Jennifer were the last team to arrive, but this leg happened to be a non-elimination round so they were still in it to win it.  Of course, we just had to give them a small “Speed Bump” of a surprise for the next ep!

For the second leg of race, we went way way up north to the edge of China in Suifenhe, and I couldn’t even read the signs in the town…

Since we were so close to Russia, it was only fitting that we set up this next pit stop right on the last stop before you enter the land that brought you vodka, AK-47’s, and Matroyshka dolls…

Khai Shing and Khai Sheng were relieved to have completed this second leg of the race…

…especially when you never know whether your name is next on the chopping block!

And there you have it…a quick Wu-cap of The Amazing Race China Rush thus far.  I’ll try to post up another soon after the next leg.  In the meantime, here’s a shot from our next exciting episode…

Can you guess where we might be racing off to next???aracer

Sep 12

PCCA comes to Malaysia!

Happy Merdeka (and Happy Indepedence Day to Malaysia)!  This weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for another exciting weekend of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) motor sport racing.  After racing through China for the first half of the PCCA season, we finally take the show abroad, and it was too much fun.  On Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised to be working with my old (but still young) Malaysian celebrity host Stephanie Chai…


We had a great time welcoming all of our VIP guests to the Welcome Dinner Party on Friday night at Sepang International Racing Circuit.  Once that was out of the way, it was time to get some rest and then leap into action for the race!

Later in the afternoon, I find got my hands (and mouth) on some long overdue delicious local bak kut teh at Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh, and you can see from our eyes that we were more than charged up to dig in!

And with great weather and a world-class race track ready to go, the PCCA was more than ready to race once again with our Porsche Carrera 911 GT3 Cup thoroughbreds…

..and if car races might not necessarily be your cup of tea, there’s always the lovely grid girls to keep your eyes on the track…

And just like that, we’ve wrapped up another weekend of racing for PCCA.  Now, everyone is getting revved up and roarin ready for a big weekend in Singapore for another exciting two rounds of PCCA right smack in the middle of the Formula One Night Race!

Hope to see ya there!продвижение

Sep 12

“The King in the Paint” is in Da House!

The race is finally off and running here once again in China!  We just kicked off the newest season last Sunday on Channel ICS in Shanghai with the English version, and now I prepare to flex my Mandarin chops for the Chinese version on Dragon TV this afternoon at 4 PM.  I’m excited for all of our fans that have waited for us to bring to them another adrenaline-pumping season of The Amazing Race China Rush.

In the meantime, I’ve been staying really busy with work in the Asia region while still returning to the audio suite to do the voiceovers for the race.  After spending my first summer literally “hanging out” in Shanghai, I’ve discovered that not that much really happens here.  Maybe that’s why most of my friends skip town for the summer on holiday while I just stuck around realizing that everything gets back up and running in August.  Next year, I’ll definitely plan to go somewhere over the summer holiday before touching down back in Shanghai.

Fortunately, work has been fast and steady over the last few weeks, which has been a welcoming change from the too “ultra-relaxed” lifestyle I was living just a month before.  After making a celebrity appearance to launch Starwood Hotel’s new iPhone application at the Le Meridian Hotel in Shanghai, I just completed the Adidas “King in the Paint” China Tour with the new starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight David Howard!  After arriving earlier this week from LA, I had the privilege and pleasure of working with him for a few days in China during this tour…

Dwight Howard is a natural born entertainer who knows how to keep the crowd engaged and entertained with his comical antics and positive energy.

After  big welcoming event for Dwight at the new Shanghai Adidas Brand Center on Huai Hai Zhong Lu, we reconvened the following day for an even bigger event with thousands of fans at the Luwan Sports Stadium…

Once again, “Superman” unveiled his new Lakers jersey along with his new Adidas AdiPower 3 basketball shoes that he’ll wearing during the upcoming new NBA season…

With various basketball contests all day, we were also treated to a Slam Dunk competition with some of the local Shanghai talent…

I tried to coax the 2008 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champion into showing these boys how the big boys “throw it down,” but he politely declined because he’s still in rehab for his back surgery.

Fortunately, everything is on schedule for “The King in the Paint’ to start playing in the new NBA season so I’m sure we’ll have many opps very soon to see him dominate the paint and dunk the ball over and over again!

Once I completed this Adidas promotional tour, it was time to zip off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for another exciting weekend of motorsport racing for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back to KL so it was nice to still have so many fans welcome me back here.  Hopefully, we can have The Amazing Race Asia return for another fifth season.  But until then, I’ll keep myself busy doing these other races instead!

Have a great weekend and I’ll definitely make the effort to catch up again soon!продвижение