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Jul 12

Missin the Boat

Hope your weekend is going well.  I had a pleasant surprise earlier today when I ran across a photoshoot I did five years back in Singapore with former Miss Singapore Jessica Tan for Singapore’s 2007 National Day Celebration Shoot…

I totally forgot about the shoot so it’s nice to see how these things turned out…even if it’s five years later!  Now, I can use these old pics as more motivation to get back to working out in this crazy Shanghai summer heat!продвижение сайта

Jul 12

New Layout for the Race

I’m not exactly sure why but here’s a new layout for The Amazing Race China Rush flyer…

Watch out for the season premiere next month!!!сайта

Jul 12

A Long Time Ago…

Wow…I haven’t seen this promotional piece from Singapore’s Fly Entertainment in years.  Hope the various artists and talents are doing well, and Big Hug to ya, Irene Ang!


Jul 12

Season Three of The Amazing Race China Rush is coming!!!


Here’s the first ad for the newest season of the race…

Don’t worry…I’ll be sure to do a Chinese AND English version of the race so it won’t be too big of a language Road Block!!!раскрутка