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Jun 12

Li Lin is in Amazing SHAPE!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my better wife who looks Amazing on this month’s cover of SHAPE magazine in Singapore…

Keep It Up!!! And hope you’re all ready for summer too!продвижение

Jun 12

ESCAPE! Travel Magazine – June 2012

Here’s a recent interview I did with ESCAPE Travel Magazine where I discuss “staying on the move”…

количество запросов по фразе

Jun 12

The Linden Centre

My Getaway adventure to Dali is almost up, but I had the upmost pleasure of visiting a true hidden gem called The Linden Centre, which is a beautifully restored and luxurious courtyard home for visitors from near and far to truly experience the culture and history of the local people including the Bai Minority.  Upon entering this nationally-protected heritage site, I was warmly welcomed with a demonstration of The Linden Centre’s “Three Tea Ceremony” customary of the Bai people…

Even better, one of the cofounders of The Linden Centre, Jeanee Linden, just happened to be on the premises to share with me more, and here’s the introduction from her family about The Linden Centre:

The opening of the Linden Centre in Southwest China is the incarnation of our nearly three decades of experiences garnered while living in Asia.  It embodies our desire to establish a base for learning, sharing, and exploration amongst the communities thousands of years old.  The Centre is inspired by the breadth of living cultural traditions in the region, by the serene beauty and year-round spring weather found throughout the Yunnan Province, and by a vibrant and sentient connection with a timeless history.  Above all, the Linden Centre is founded on the desire to share the spontaneous hospitality extended to all visitors by the Yunnan people.                                                                        

                                                                                            – Brian and Jeanee Linden and their sons Shane and Bryce

I really enjoyed the time I spent speaking to Jeanee and was truly inspired with the passion and dedication they’ve put forth to share the Linden Centre with all the visitors who are fortunate enough to experience it for themselves.  As we continued to speak more in depth about the philosophy and vision of the two founders, I noticed that an elder group of Bai musicians were setting up and ready to perform some of their favorite tunes from centuries ago.

And as I began to make my way around to interview some of the dancers…

…I couldn’t help myself but get into the festive mood myself with some dance and celebration!

I am not sure how much Jeanee enjoyed being pulled into the fray herself during the performance, but she was a good sport and more than did her part to show how appreciative she is of the Bai people.


With the opening performances all out of the way, it was time explore more of the premises.  And as I see more of the remarkable work that was put into it all, it’s easy to understand how The Linden Centre has garnered so many awards including Tripadvisor.com’s China Hotel of the Year 2011, Travel and Leisure’s Global Vision Award 2010, and Best Boutique Inn for Sina.com Travel Network 2010.  Now, it’s time to make our way to their deck for some refreshments and a breathtaking view of the landscape.

And when the skies are this blue and the weather so warm and inviting, you know it was the perfect time to work on that tan and soak up some of that Dali sunshine!

If you’d like to find out more about The Linden Centre, then please check out their website at:  http://www.linden-centre.com  Here’s a quote from their information pamphlet by Lao Tzu that sums it all up pretty well…

 “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.”

So let’s get walking!!!  I hope you enjoyed my Getaway adventure to Dali because I certainly did!  Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you all again soon!раскрутка

Jun 12

Bird Fishing and Hot Springs

Solid as a Rock…NOT!!!


Whoops…I just felt like sharing that shot of those huge slabs of rock for sale next to our local family style lunch.  After we headed back down the mountain from Cang Shan, we made our way to another popular destination in Dali called Er Hai Hu lake…

Upon arrival, there was a happy congregation of Bai Minority members standing and waiting to greet all of the visitors from near and afar…

The friendly locals were more than happy to take me on a boat ride on Er Hai Hu lake…

Once we’re on the water, we all noticed the many birds that would dive into the water to catch fish…on command!

Apparently, the fish-catching birds known as cormorant or osprey have been working with the local fisherman for hundreds of years.  In fact, this trade is handed down from generation to generation, and only a male can assume the role of a fisherman.  So if you happen to have only a daughter, then you’d better work on having another child to pass on the tradition!

Now, these birds are trained especially well and are very tame…

…as you can see, they even had no qualms about hanging out with me…or on me!

After that entertaining experience on the high seas, it was time to take a dip in some natural hot springs further inland.  Along the way, I was able to soak in more of the beautiful scenery…

Once we arrived, I was more than ready to dive right in for some relaxation.  Unfortunately, I found out that the Dali Geothermal Paradise just happens to be the largest natural hot spring resort in all of Asia, and it’s over 66 hectares!

This resort has over thirty different hot spring pools, and some of them are a bit too hot to handle…

…like this one aptly named “Huge Boiler.”

After some filming and introduction to the resort, I finally found a pool just to my liking so it’s time to take a break and relax before I continue my Getaway adventure here in Dali!


Jun 12

Gotta Getaway to Dali


A short while back, I was invited to guest host a travel show on Channel ICS in Shanghai called Getaway.  Once I was able to clear my schedule, I told the TV station I was more than ready to have an adventure to this popular tourist destination located in the Yunnan Province of China.  So over the last few days, I’ve been exploring and experiencing a lot of what Dali has to offer…and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself.  As much as I enjoy hosting and filming The Amazing Race Asia and The Amazing Race China Rush, I never have the opportunity to actually take a “pit stop” and really enjoy the various exciting locations we race through from season to season.  On Getaway, I actually do have the time to really get into the thick of things and enjoy all that Dali has to offer.  After spending the evening in the nearby town of Xia Guan, I awoke to crystal blue clear skies, which is always a fantastic way to kick off the day…

For our first location to visit, we took a cable car up to Cang Shan mountain.  I found out this cable car was constructed in 2009 and is the longest cable car line in the world at 1648 meters from top to bottom.  Also, the base elevation of the cable car to the top of Cang Shan mountain is 5,555 meters so you know we were all feeling the effects of high altitude oxygen deficiency.

One we finally reached the summit, our film crew discovered that we’d still need to walk at least half an hour to a historical pond along the recently built pathway…

Along the way, there was definitely a lot of beautiful scenery for our crew to decide and film…

Once we got the shots we needed, it was time to continue the trek up to the top of Cang Shan mountain…

After a surprisingly more tiring and taxing walk for about half an hour, we finally reached Xi Ma Tan, which literally translates to “Wash Horse Pond.”

According to Chinese history, Genghis Khan from Mongolia was not a big fan of maritime sea battles during his invasion of China and chose to cross of Cang Shan mountain.  Along the way, he had come across this majestic pond situated at the top of the mountain and decided to set up his campsite here.  During that period, the horses obviously needed to be cleaned too so hence this pond has called Xi Ma Tan.

With our first location in Dali all wrapped up, it was time to walk back to the cable car and head back down to the bottom so we can explore more of what this city has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed this first segment in my Getaway adventure and see you again soon!