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May 12

I-Weekly (I-周刊) Chinese interview with Li Lin

And for any of you interested in taking a stab at reading Li Lin’s interview in Chinese, here it is!




May 12

8 Days magazine article on our Shanghai Shift

Better late than never…I finally got the opp to read an article from Singapore’s 8 Days magazine in March regarding our status update in Shanghai, China.  I am not sure if you’ve already seen it, but here it is anyway for you!


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May 12

Back to Reality and a Shanghai Reunion

The last few months have been pretty hectic so it’s nice to finally have some time to myself back home in Shanghai to decompress and get some bills paid!  But first, it’s time to hit up that chocolate fountain once again to put some meat back on me!

After wrapping up filming for The Amazing Race China Rush and returning from a bit of media stuff in Singapore…

I immediately made a trip out to Hangzhou, China, to make an appearance at Lancome’s media event being held at the Four Seasons Hotel…

Lancome had organized an Amazing Race of their own for their invited guests, and I had the privilege of hosting it for them that day.  This was my first time to Hangzhou, and I can that I will definitely need to find some time to go back because this seems to be one truly relaxing place, especially when you compare it to Shanghai.  Even my room opens up into a personal sanctuary of sorts…

The hotel pool was definitely calling my name too…

Unfortunately, the day was packed with the race, and then it would time for everyone to get all gussied up for Lancome’s “Rouge in Love” party at night.  I arrived a bit early so I could take a look at the setup before things got even more pink and red…

Don’t forget to throw in some young, pretty models to liven up the party…

The funny thing is…when I see these models, I still recall my early days as a model doing this type of work at these events.  And as easy as it was, I am SOOO happy that I’ve moved on from doing it anymore…or maybe I’m just in self-denial that no one would ever hire me to stand or “float” around throughout the evening’s festivities.

Thanks again to Jerome from Lancome for taking care of me during my time in Hangzhou, and I had a great time hosting your kick ass event!

And of course, I also happened to have my parents and younger brother Danny in town visiting along with my old CAL college buddy Amnon so that definitely kept us all busy, busy, busy!

The last few weeks have certainly whizzed by with places to see and food to eat for everyone.  I have definitely had more than my fill of Chinese cuisine so you know I’ll be veering away from this food for a while at least.  All in all, it was great fun and pure joy to be reunited with the family in this part of world until we plan our next trip back to Cali!  I know Sage and Jonas will definitely be missing their Uncle Danny too!


May 12

After racing, it’s time for a Grand Mercure Roxy return to Singapore!

A just like that, another season of The Amazing Race China Rush is all wrapped up.  Of course, it’s not always fun and games when it comes to filming one of these seasons, but we definitely made the most of it as we always do.  Here’s a few pictures to share with you before I unleash the mother load after we inch closer towards the premiere date…

Of course, this first pic is for all of our Spartacus fans out there…and you know who you are!

As you can see, there’s never a dull moment for me during the course of the race.  In the picture above, I even get to explain what the contestants will be performing next with a few birds perched on my arms.

Now, with the race all completed, what is a tired, undernourished, and homesick host supposed to do?  I immediately buy the first ticket out to Singapore to catch up with my family.  Unfortunately, I decided to try out Cathay Pacific this time, and I cannot emphasize how disappointed I am with this airline.  First, I never received any confirmation for my internet booking after the Cathay Pacific website took my credit card information, charged it, and ran.  Both my wife and I tried incessantly to get a hold of someone from the airline to confirm the booking, but we never got a hold of anyone in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Why does Cathay Pacific even give a customer service number when no one even attempts to answer your call throughout all hours of the day?  To top it off, my family’s flight to Singapore was delayed for a few hours, but that’s something I’ve come to accept flying in and out of China.  However, the lack of customer service on the part of the airline is completely unacceptable.  Cathay Pacific, your airline’s customer service totally stinks!

Now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to do a 180 degree turn and pile on the praise for our wonderful hotel accommodations in Singapore at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel.  Located at 50 East Coast Road next to Parkway Parade, we had the privilege of being invited to experience their top notch hotel during our time back in Singapore.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend as much as time as I would have liked in the actual hotel due to work and media engagements, but we definitely tried to make the moments count when we were there.  To top it all off, the food from the various restaurants were simply delicious, and I would go back just to eat the food in the future.  The gym is opened 24 hours, which was a huge plus because I definitely needed to squeeze in a quick “pump up” work out before my iFitness magazine topless cover shoot, and the swimming pool looked so very inviting throughout our time there.  I managed to snap off a few shots of our room, but please forgive the messy state because we were all in a mad rush at 545 AM that morning to catch our dreaded flight on Cathay Pacific back to Shanghai…

While Li Lin was busy tidying up our belongings in the photo above, Sage was a happy camper taking one last look at the kids’ room before we had to check out…

Once again, a big shout out and Thank You! to Jennifer, Tika, and Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel for going above and beyond on every front to take care of us during our most enjoyable return to Singapore!

I might have to call upon you once again because I just didn’t have enough time this trip to experience all of your amenities!

Now that it’s “Back to Reality” after completing my reality show, it’s time to take a look at some new scripts and prepare for my next job coming up in Hangzhou for Lancome as they prepare to kick off their own version of The Amazing Race!  Should be a lot of fun ahead  and have a great week yourself!

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