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Apr 12

The Bully in School

I just realized my latest article for the May 2012 issue of FHM Singapore is already out so I’d like to share it with you all.  I find this one especially funny because it deals with me being bullied…by a young little girl!!!  


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Apr 12

One Race-Packed Weekend


One thing I’ve learned from working in the entertainment industry is that no matter how hard I try, it’s always a challenge to plan too far ahead because work can have the tendency to just pop up…and also at the same time.  Even though I’ve had more than my fair share of ample down time to spend with family and friends, work seemingly prefers to coincide right in the middle of another project.  This past weekend was a perfect example of me scrambling to juggle my schedule so that I could basically be everywhere at the same time.

As you might already know, I am currently filming the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush, which is going extremely well.  I sometimes wonder whether I might one day get sick and tired of racing everywhere and then standing around waiting for tired and motivated contestants at each of the respective pit stop mats.  As of now, I can say that the fun and excitement has not waned one bit even though all the contestants and crew are increasingly more and more fatigued.

Knowing full well that I would be racing on both Friday and Sunday this past weekend, I also committed to somehow making it back to Shanghai on Saturday so I could assume the hosting duties for the official kickoff launch for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2012 season…

I still recall the days leading up to this weekend scrambling to figure out how I was going to somehow use planes, trains, and/or automobiles to ultimately how up for this exciting motorsport event in Shanghai.  Even though I was wiped out after another grueling day of filming all day a few days before the weekend, I woke up at 3 AM one morning because I couldn’t sleep and spent quite a few hours assessing the most viable option to return to Shanghai.  Before I knew it, the morning sun had arose to welcome and remind me that we would be shooting another leg of the race.  Fortunately, I was able to link up a few modes of transport to get me back to Shanghai so I could “suit up” for PCCA 2012…

Fortunately, the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia gala dinner was a huge success, and I know all the teams, drivers, media, sponsors, and fans involved are really revved up for the upcoming season.  I am really looking to watching the races in Ordos, Zhuhai, and Sepang (Malaysia).  Of course, I’m especially excited about returning to Singapore during F1 weekend for the PCCA 2012 circuit too.

With the PCCA gala event all wrapped up and completed on Saturday night, it was time to prepare to wake up at 430 AM so I could make my way back into the next leg of The Amazing Race China Rush, which I am proud to say I seamlessly slotted myself back into before any teams arrived on the pit stop mat that Sunday afternoon.

Needless to say, we’re back in full swing on the race and now it’s time to fly off to our next location so I’ll catch up with you all soon after we land again!!


Apr 12

Strength in Numbers

Should you give boot camps the boot or give it a try?  Here are my thoughts in the January 2012 issue of FHM  Singapore…


Apr 12

Personal Train for some Personal Gain…

I know this isn’t the most recent article, but I’d still really like to share it with you all from FHM Singapore December 2011 regarding personal trainers…



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Apr 12

Revving up for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia PCCA

“Race like a Dragon!”

With The Amazing Race China Rush now underway, I’m now going to take a break after a long day of filming to share another different but equally adrenaline-pumping sort of racing coming to the circuit this year with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA).  A few weeks ago, we kicked off the exciting new 2012 season in Zhuhai with our test sessions for all the new drivers and crew teams to get together to prepare for the biggest and most prestigious single car model race in Asia.  Unlike Formula One, PCCA drivers are only permitted to race with the blazing fast Porsche Carrera GT III Cup, and these year’s racing machines are stunning. Here’s a few shots of the various car designs…



I’m psyched to be involved with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, and it has all the makings of being the biggest and best season yet!  If you like to find out some more information about PCCA, then please check out the official website at:


Whoops!  I just realized I’m late for a production meeting so it’s “Bye” for now and see you in at the next location!раскрутка сайта

Apr 12

Here We Rush Again…


It’s that time of year as the sun now rises for us to set off once again for another exciting season of The Amazing Race China Rush!  I am not even sure where we’ll be venturing to this time, but I’m already excited to be back on the road with an entirely new batch of contestants ready and willing to duke it out to become this third season’s winner.  With The Amazing Race Asia temporarily shelved at the moment, the prospects of traveling across China (and possibly even further) has never looked even more brighter.  I haven’t really had the opportunity to personally meet each and every team this season, but I’ve already got the sense that all of them are very well versed in the show…and this even includes the Chinese contestants.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be back on the road with familiar faces from the crew and production, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the new and exotic locations throughout China…

Between the crazy amount of traveling and racing during this intense period, I’ll do my best to keep you updated on the latest happs without revealing too much so you’ll have even more to look forward to once the show airs later this year.  Until then, our cameras will be rolling and  I’ll catch up with you next time because I need to jump on my flight now to our next destination!