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Mar 12

It’s ALL in da ‘Tude…

For all the team members who are getting to race in the upcoming season of The Amazing Race China Rush OR just anyone needing a lift in achieving their fitness goals, here’s some inspiration from a true champion…

We might not all enjoy the pain and suffering from working out, but it’s our attitude that will enable us to achieve our personal goals and dreams!  Go! Go! Go!раскрутка

Mar 12

A Sunny Hello

Finally!  The sun has emerged for the seemingly endless weeks of cold, grey, wet weather.  Along the way, I inadvertently lost my bearings in terms of blogging and am now working towards heading in the right direction towards updating it.  After spending about a decade in sunny tropical Singapore, I’ve been conditioned and taken for granted the warm (and often to stifling) heat of the sun’s rays, but I think now everyone in Shanghai welcomes its long awaited return to the city skyline.  To start, the favorable turn of weather has made watching my son Jonas slowly learn the finer aspects of soccer (or football in all other parts of the world minus the United States) much more palatable despite the still chilly temperatures…

Not only has the weather taken a turn for the better, but the good sun has even turned up the work load here in China for me a few notches, which is always an “Amazing” thing!  Several weeks back, I began work on a commercial for Audi’s new A6L at the Shenzen International Airport…

Our plan was to continue the shoot in Shanghai.  However, the plans have been postponed a few weeks until now due to unfavorable gloomy gray weather.  Now, I hope we can switch back into high gear so we can get this shoot completed and wrapped up.

Last Thursday night, I finally attended my first fashion show here in Shanghai for Mango at the Shanghai Exhibition Center…

I recall a time quite long ago when I used to wonder what I was even doing on a runway myself.  Now, I definitely find it more enjoyable to just sit back and allow the new generation of models do the “heavy lifting” (or lack thereof) on the runways…

From here, things really begin to go “Varooooooom!!!” as I get set to work on the exciting new season of the Porsche Carerra Asia Cup 2012.  We’ll be kicking off our first event in a few weeks at Zhuhai, and here’s a taste test of what’s to come:


And since we’re on the topic of racing, let’s not forget that the latest and greatest season of The Amazing Race China Rush will soon be up and racing all around China once again…and more on that to come!!!

In the meantime, thanks for dropping in and I’ll be sure to keep the pedal on the metal for you as you have a great week ahead!продвижение сайта