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Jan 12

Ready for my first Super Bowl in Shanghai!

I am not sure if you’re a big NFL sports fan, but I’m looking forward to watching the big game here in China for the first time, and Kerry Hotel definitely seems like the venue to do it right!!!


Now, if you’re in Shanghai and are motivated next Monday morning to watch the Giants stomp all over the Patriots, then let’s get the party started early…literally!!! 😉продвижение сайта

Jan 12

Happy Chinese New Year!

I’m stuck here on this cold and wet early evening in Shanghai and just wanted to wish you all a Happy Belated Chinese New Year!  It’s my first time spending CNY in China itself so it’s been quite an experience with all the empty city streets (This period is the world’s largest migration each year where the city dwellers return to their respective home to visit their family and relatives) and successive festive nights of fireworks and firecrackers.

Speaking of “first times,” I even had the special opportunity to perform with a number of celebrity hosts for a Chinese New Year special a few night ago (that’s me on the far left with the red top)…

After spending a few sessions getting our dance moves down before, it was time to perform for all of China on the highest-rated satellite channel,Dragon TV…

Once we were done with our retro dance moves, it was time to put on the black tux and croon Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” with my duet partner Bai Xu Xu…

All in all, it was a fun time and a great opportunity to meet more of China’s talented stars.  With my first official into the world of singing and dancing, I know I won’t forget this first time celebrating Chinese New Year in China!

Have an Amazing New Year Ahead and Ride the Water Dragon!!!

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Jan 12

Time for a Date with Spring during this Chinese New Year Thing!

Well, the new year is finally upon us so here’s a Happy Belated New Year wish to you all in case you haven’t figured it out yet!  With 2012 already begun, it’s time for me to get set for my first Chinese New Year here in China, and I started the festivities a bit early last night working on a holiday TV special for Dragon TV, which also airs The Amazing Race China Rush here in China.  This channel happens to have the two highest rated shows in all of China with “China’s Got Talent” and that really racy one I just mentioned. 😉

Unlike many of the other TV and films I’ve done, this little nugget last night actually required all of the local talent (who aren’t professional singers) to belt out some tunes for a special TV broadcast during Chinese New Year.  When I first heard that I’d have to sing, I couldn’t stop laughing…and I’m still not sure why.  I think I was either shocked and/or petrified that I’d now have a national stage to listen to me make an attempt at singing.  To make it even more snazzier, I found out I’d get to sing a few songs in Chinese!

Fortunately, I later found out that even though I’d have to sing and also break out some dance moves, I’d be singing with other people with much more experience (and definitely better Mandarin) so that should made me feel a lot better.  Yeah…right!!

All that being said, I had a great time meeting more of the local talent here in Shanghai as I slowly work my way into more of the local entertainment scene in China.  So if you happen to be in China during the Lunar New Year, then don’t laugh too hard when you see me singing and dancing on Dragon TV’s special “我和春天有个约会,” which roughly translates into “I’ve got a Date with Spring.”

Happy New Year and may 2012 bring you many new and “fresh” firsts like it already has for me! :-)

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