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Aug 11

Paradise at the Peninsula


It’s been almost two weeks since I first arrived in Shanghai with the family in tow, and I must say we have been most fortunate to spend a good portion of it at one of the premiere hotels in Shanghai, the Peninsula Hotel.  Located in Shanghai’s glitzy and popular Bund area, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with all the luxuries and amenities that the hotel had to offer.

For starters, we stayed in one of the posh deluxe suites which includes a large study/entertainment room…

…and I must admit the view ain’t too shabby either!

And in case our bedrooms were feeling left out, these two were also treated to a view of their own…

I’m not sure how much the kids really appreciated their own bedroom, but they definitely got a taste of good living during this period with their king-sized beds…

I am still in awe with how every minute details was meticulously thought out from our spacious walk-in closet…

…to our bathroom.

A good example of the hotel’s attention to detail would be this “Nail Dryer.”  I don’t plan on using this feature anytime soon, but Li Lin was quite impressed with this feature.

I think I could gush on and on about this establishment, but my “fifteen minutes” here are almost up so I gotta take the kids back to the pool for some jacuzzi time!

A big thanks to Rob and his wonderful staff for our wonderful stay at the Peninsula Hotel!  Soon, it’ll be time to check out and then check in to reality here in Shanghai!

Wish me luck cuz I know I’m gonna need it!    продвижение сайта

Aug 11

V.I.P. Fight Club for ONE FC!

Now, wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for anyone ready to be a part of the next biggest thing coming to Asia?

Find out more at:  http://www.ONEFC.com



Aug 11

My New Crib in Shanghai!

After a long, hard week pounding the pavement and viewing various options for a new place to dwell,  I finally found something that should work.  Here’s a first look into my new home here in Shanghai, and it’s one of the recently restored and refurbished villas at the Hotel Massenet at Sinan Mansions…

Located in the heart of the French Concession and built in the 1920’s, this place definitely has a very classic feel from one of the guest rooms…

…to the kids bedrooms…

…all the way up to the master bedroom on the top floor.

I know I’ll be enjoying the study area too on the top floor.

At a listed rate of 38,000 RMB (~$5940 USD) per night, it’s a little steep.  However, you can rent it for a one year lease at a discounted 5 Million RMB (~$781,250 USD).  Yep…this is printed right and NOT a typo.

And just as I was ready to pack my bags and move it, I woke up from a dream within a dream in my significantly smaller abode to discover that this was merely a dream!  Oh well…it’s never a dull moment when you’re dreamin!  


Aug 11

Episode 3 of The Amazing Race China Rush

And just like that, I’ve got one week under my belt here in Shanghai.  It’s been a manic week of house and school hunting in addition to situate myself as to how to go about business as per usual here in China.  Fortunately, The Amazing Race China Rush is in full swing, and the third episode will air this afternoon at 2 PM in Chinese on Dragon TV and then 8 PM in English on ICS.  Here are some pics from the episode later!

A day at the beach is always fun, but it’s a lot more stressful when you need to hurry up your lines with the oncoming teams fast on your tail.

Getting the lines down in English doesn’t pose too much of a problem, but this stuff translated on the spot in Chinese is an entirely different beast.  However, I love the challenge!

Wait…is this sorta a spoiler for what lies ahead for the team’s today?

…and also what lies inside this interesting looking crustacean critter!

Of course, everyone is waiting with anticipation to find out WHO will be the first team to arrive today so let’s get ready and enjoy the show!  :-)aracer.mobi

Aug 11

The Saturday Apple Toss


Yesterday, I spent the day at the pool chilling with the kids.  To keep the little ones entertained, I dusted off my old “talent” of tossing up something high in the air and catching it.  This particular time, it happened to be a piece of apple…

Here I am going “Deux pour Deux” (or Two for Two)! 😉

в яндекс

Aug 11

Promo for Season 2 of The Amazing Race China Rush


Here is the first promo for the upcoming show…

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Aug 11

The Amazing Race China Rush Press Conference

Here is an article from yesterday’s press conference:
SHANGHAI, August 3, 2011 –  “The Amazing Race: China Rush”, held its conference and screening ceremony.  Mr. Chen Qiwei, Deputy Director of Information Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and representatives from the Walt Disney Greater China, Dragon TV, and International Channel Shanghai (ICS) attended.


After the huge success of “The Amazing Race: China Rush”, this year ICS joins with Dragon TV to broaden its scope to produce “The Amazing Race: China Rush” (Season Two).  The format is taken directly from Disney ABC’s Emmy Award-winning Amazing Race. Now the shooting of “The Amazing Race: China Rush” (Season Two) has finished and it will premiere on 7 August both on ICS and Dragon TV.

Aiming for a much more exciting and higher quality program, “The Amazing Race: China Rush” (Season Two) retains the strengths from last season while making qualitative change. This year, the race continued last season’s style — compact rhythms and stimulating games. In order to provide a premium quality visual effect, high-definition equipment was used during the whole production process.

Response to the first season was huge, but it is insignificant compared to this season. Now 11 teams of two have passed the tough audition, and they come from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ghana, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, and China.

Instead of having all foreign contestants like last season, this year 50% of them come from China: “Canadian Cousins” Cecilia and Mary from Nanjing are both considered part of the “post-90s” generation, giving them a unique perspective on China and the race; Hao Fei’er, a participant in the 2006 singing-reality competition “Super Girl”, forms the team “Rockers” with Sun Bin (Shanghai), willing to show the world another side of recording artists and performers.

Different from Chinese participants’ home advantage, foreign candidates not only need to conquer the trick spots created by the race itself, but also have to deal with language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliar surroundings. With the purpose of creating a relatively egalitarian situation for all teams, the cities involved in the journey are strictly confidential, some of them are comparatively remote, making them unfamiliar both for Chinese and foreign teams.

Certainly among all the foreign contestants, there are exceptions. Howie and Rhett (USA) have been living separately in China for over 30 years, and are fluent in Mandarin. Known by other teams as the “Wise Guys”, being strong championship contenders do not stop them from enjoying the fun of the race; Jan and Lily from Germany and the United States started dating and eventually living together during their time in Shanghai. Both work for large, international companies and are very driven, self-made people. Lily’s fiery personality and Jan’s competitiveness make them a formidable team. Eventually, who will be the last team to win the trip to Hoh Xil provided by Snow Beer? The mystery will be resolved in the 12th episode.

The Race hopes to attract a wider audience, so two separate versions will be produced, Chinese and English, for the first time. On 7 August, the Chinese version will be launched on Dragon TV at 14:10, and the English version with Chinese subtitles will premiere at 20:00 on ICS. During the airing period, an IPAD application on “The Amazing Race: China Rush”, jointly developed by Disney ABC and International Channel Shanghai ICS will be launched, making it easier for the audience to learn more about the race.

The filming of “The Amazing Race: China Rush” (Season Two) not only gets support from the Third Bureau of Information Office of the State Council, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, relevant Information offices of local Municipalities, but also sponsorship from its business partners: Snow Beer provides the grand prize – a Hoh Xil tour valued at four hundred thousand RMB; New Balance provided all the sportswear; Hilton Hotels and Resorts is the designated hotel partner of the race, and Hamilton Watch provides the one and only official timer for The Race.

The host of the upcoming “The Amazing Race: China Rush” (Season Two) will still be the reknowned Chinese-American TV sensation Allan Wu, who has hosted all four seasons of “The Amazing Race Asia”.

For detailed information, please visit http://www.chinarush.


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Aug 11

Bring It On!! Samsung Galaxy S II vs. The World

Hello Everyone!

Here’s the latest campaign I’m working on!  If you’re ready to take on a challenge and have some fun, then you should definitely sign up…


…and you just might win a new Samsung Galaxy S II mobile phone or even $10,000 CASH!  Not bad, huh?

Here’s the official summary:

Calling for the GALAXY II vs. the World Challenge. Allan Wu is looking for 4 individuals with the grit to take on challenges submitted by YOU. Visit www.galaxyvstheworld.com and submit your entries today. Remember, it’s not for the faint-hearted.


Aug 11

Live and Let Diet

Here’s my latest contribution to the August 2011 issue of FHM Upgrade in Singapore…