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Jul 11

A Smile is Worth a Thousand (Dollar) Burger!

Yesterday, a star-studded group of Singapore celebrities flexed their “buns” to build some burgers to raise money for Operation Smile, a non-profit organization of doctors dedicated to helping children with birth deformities.  And what was our job?  To build a bad-ass burger and have it auctioned off to the highest bidder!  The first group of celebrities included Bobby Tonelli from Class 95, Rod Monteiro, Cheryl Miles, and Yours Truly…

We all slaved away and created our very own culinary masterpieces.  Bobby Tonelli dived right into the patty and mashed it up with various other toppings…

…talk about being touched by the hands of a Radio God! 😛

I went about my burger building business and even applied some of my “secret sauce,” which was from a tasty “kong bak bao” lunch earlier. 😉

However, with how much I’m crackin up, I think I think my saliva might have been an additional “secret sauce!”

The next round of stars included celebrity DJ Wayne “KoFlow” and George Young, the hottest thing to hit the shores of Singapore since…Gawd knows Wu!@#$% 😛

Of course, you always gotta have “The Rose amongst the Thorns” with Wong Li Lin exhibiting her amazing food skills, which I have the privilege of knowing very well!

Li Lin wasted no time in letting her fellow celebrity competitors know that she concocted the burger to beat…and even went on to add that all the additional time everyone needed to complete their creations was “an act of desperation!”  Now, that’s a confident women we have here!

But just when you thought you had seen it all, George Young comes out with his own “secret sauce” of peanut butter!  Yep…you heard it right, and he swears you haven’t had the best burger until you slap some of the ole “P” from your mom’s “P&J sandwich” on your burger…

Yay or Nay…what’s your take on that?  If he can get your average person to drop a million bucks, then maybe he’s onto something here that none of us have ever tried, huh?

Next, Wayne “KoFlow” came and conquered with his own smooth burger that’s as cool as his beats and scratches on the turntable…

And not to be left out, Jimmy T definitely exhibited the most concentration and focus outta the entire lot…

Wow.  This actor really knows how to concentrate, and you know he’s more than ready to dive into his next role…even if he’s gotta play a “Man from Beijing!”  FYI…Jimmy T is Japanese American!

All in all, it was a great day for a great cause, and we were each able to garner anywhere from five hundred to one thousand dollars for each burger so thank you once again to all of the winning bidders for their most generous contributions to Operation Smile!

Also, I’d like to congratulation TinyFry’s on opening their first electronics store here in Singapore at Millennia Walk.  If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side and see just how cool and hip an electronics “concept” store can be, then you definitely gotta check this place out! :-)

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Jul 11

Operation Smile next Saturday, July 30th

Next Satuday, I’ll be doing my bit to raise money for “Operation Smile,” a charity organization established to help put a beautiful smile back on the face of a child born with facial deformity…

…and if you happen to be in Singapore next Saturday, then please come on down to Millenia Walk to watch celebrities “build their best burger” to raise funds for this great cause!

Thanks and hope to see you there!раскрутка

Jul 11

Feeling Strong


Here’s some  more new reading material from my interview for Guardian magazine in the July-September issue…


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Jul 11

Soaked and Soggy in the Suitcase

I just finished up my article for the September issue of FHM Upgrade so I thought I would share my piece for this month’s July issue until it comes out about having sweaty clothes during filming for The Amazing Race Asia!

Oh…for all of you who are wondering whether TARA5 is right around the corner this year…Unfortunately, we won’t be racing around the world this time around so let’s keep those fingers crossed so that we’ll be back in 2012 to do it!

Thanks again for all your love and support and we’ll catch up again soon!


Jul 11

8 Days magazine travel interview ~ June 23, 2011

Let’s get ready to do some travelling!


Jul 11

Face the Facts

Here’s my contribution to the June 2011 issue of FHM Upgrade Singapore…

…and just in time for ONE Fighting Championship on September 3rd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!раскрутка

Jul 11

And the new Miss Universe China is…


Just as promised, I’ve come back to continue (and conclude) my adventures last Sunday night for the 2011 Miss Universe China Finals held in Beijing.  Coincidentally, I just read in the local papers here in Singapore that the swimsuit portion of the Miss World Singapore will be cancelled this year.  Huh?  Isn’t that one of the more “traditional” (if not most appealing) sections of a beauty pageant?  What is your opinion on this?  Yay?  Or Nay?

Getting back to Miss Universe China, the tension definitely kicked up a couple of notches when we announced the final four…

…and soon it was time to pick their “destiny” with one final question from a judge.

After a short commercial break and some deliberations, the new 2011 Miss Universe China is crowned for all to see!

Congratulations to Number 18, 罗 紫 琳 Luo Zi Lin!!She’s 24 years old and is 182 cm tall so I definitely “look up” to her, especially with those high, high heels on!

Once the announcement was made and all the confetti had fallen, it was time to do some real celebrations afterward at the “Afterglow” Party…

…and you know the new reigning Miss Universe was all smiles and ready to take on the world in the Miss Universe Finals being held in San Paolo, Brazil, later this year!

Good luck and congratulations!


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Jul 11

The Big “ONE” for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is coming!


Today was a big day for the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Asia as ONE Fighting Championship announced its big fight day with “Champion versus Champion” at a press conference at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where the event will be held.  On September 3rd, sixteen champions from various martial arts will compete to see who is the best of the best.  I can’t wait for this myself because I really see this as a big turning point for the overall popularity of the sport here in Asia.  MMA is already the fastest growing sport in the West, and now it’s time for the East to catch up at a ridiculously rapid rate.  The high level of interest in the event could be seen by the number of individuals who showed up for the press conference this morning…

Wall to wall and “standing room only” is a great start to kick off the MMA vibe for this event, and I was very fortunate to be right in the mix.  Not only will this event be telecast live on ESPN and Star Sports, it will also be aired on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 in Singapore, which was a bit surprising to me.  Under normal circumstances, I would’ve assumed that MMA might have been too niche for a mass market terrestrial channel audience, but this partnership just goes to show the level of interest and popularity with this up-and-coming sport in Singapore…and Asia.

During the press con, I had a question-and-answer session with the CEO and Owner of ONE Fighting Championship, Victor Cui, who essentially turned his dream into a reality.  This guy definitely knows a thing or two million about sports media in the region, and I got a feeling that he’s hit the nail on the head in bringing MMA to the masses.  If all goes according to Victor’s plans, you can expect up to 500 million people tuned into this event on September 3rd throughout the world.  That’s a pretty high number…but definitely fathomable with a sport as ever increasingly popular as MMA.

Once we got the formalities and information outta the way, it was time to introduce some of the fighters who will be appearing in ONE FC including Singapore’s first professional MMA figher, Radeem bin Rahman…

I know…these guys probably don’t look too tough all dressed up in a suit, but I’m sure they’re more than ready to kick some major butt!  All this testosterone is inspiring me to do some training with some of these guys to get myself into fighting shape again too!

And speaking of opening up a major can of Whoop A##!, the next thing you know was I introduced twelve fighters front and center…

…and you gotta love all the World Championship hardware they lugged along with them!

So there you have it…the ONE Fighting Championship is coming on September 3rd.  With more events scheduled to be held in the region, ONE FC has all the makings of something big.  If you’d like some more information, then you can go to the official site at http://www.onefc.com 

Hope to see you on September 3rd!



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Jul 11

2011 Miss Universe China


What a weekend!  I just got back from a trip to Beijing to host the 2011 Miss Universe China beauty pageant, and it was a thrilling experience.  I was planning on sharing this experience tomorrow.  But since I can’t seem to fall asleep due to excessive inactivity (and rest) on the return flight, I figure I might as well post up a blog now.

Originally, this production was set to air live last night at 8 PM on Guang Xi satellite TV.  However, I learned that certain parameters weren’t secured in time so this show will be telecast at a later date.  If you happened to be in China and tuned into Guang Xi satellite TV last night, then I apologize for you wondering what happened to the show.  I only learned about it later that evening.

In the meantime, this entire experience definitely possessed a major learning curve for me because it was my first “live” telecast in Mandarin…even though we ended up not airing it live.  Hope that still makes sense.  Through the course of the weekend, I went over my lines over and over again, and they still weren’t easy to remember because I just haven’t been using Mandarin enough in everyday speech.  This will all change soon once I decide to spend even more time in China.

With the show about to start in less than five minutes, I think you can see the stress written all over  my face…or is it merely the fact that my hair is not done yet?

Even though I’ve used Mandarin throughout my career in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, I must confess that I’ve been slacking the last five years with The Amazing Race Asia.  One of the primary reasons I even decided to move out to Asia many years ago was to improve my Mandarin.  Last night was a big reminder for me to get back on the ball, especially with a huge area (and entire nation) to literally hear my progress…

Before I could go over my lines for the hundredth time, the show soon began with a big opening dance number with all thirty-two contestants…

…and then it’s S H O W T I M E !

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with my old acquaintance and truly professional cohost Angela Chow.  I’ve known her since my MTV VJ days when she worked for that “other” music channel identified only by a letter “V.”  She’s gone on to do some huge projects in China so I learned a lot from her about doing these big live events in the China market.

As if all the fans, lights, cameras, and Mandarin weren’t enough of a distraction, the contestants soon all entered the stage wearing virtually nothing for the swimsuit competition!

The night’s event was filled with its fair share of eye candy from 2007 Miss Universe Riyo Mori from Japan and also Supermodel Petra Nemcova…

But even with all these visual distractions, I knew I had to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize the same way the cameraman made sure his lens was shooting the ladies on stage…

The one good thing about live broadcasts is that we don’t reshoot anything so everything moves forward at a fluid pace and we were ready to find out who’s moving on in the competition.

Now, I was all planning to reveal the winner of the show here.  But since this program hasn’t “officially” aired all over China yet, I’d better hold back a little bit and first share this shot of me wondering which contestant I think is going to be crowned the 2011 Miss Universe China!

Even though this job was “easy” on the eyes, I must confess all that Mandarin threw me a major curveball.  However, I think it all turned out pretty well in the end, and I am most grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate to the China market that I can do an event of this scale in Chinese.

People always ask me what’s the best way to learn a language such as Chinese, and I reply, “It’s when you are forced to use it.”  Next up…I’ll be getting set to do the post production audio work for The Amazing Race China Rush in both English AND Mandarin so it’s time to “force” myself to improve once again!

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll be posting up the rest of the winning 2011 Miss Universe China pictures soon!раскрутка

Jul 11

Break in Bali


It’s been a crazy hectic last few months so I haven’t really been on the ball with my blog updates.  After I wrapped up filming the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush, I soon zipped off to Bali for some R&R with the family.  It’s incredible how much these kids mature and grow within the span of a month too.

When we arrived in Bali, I knew my first task at hand was to clean up Jonas’s hair…

His school is not a big fan of the “Mohawkian” hairstyle so I’ve been abstaining from it.  However, with him out of school and dad back home, it was time to deliver the goods, and his new do is ready to rock once again!

As we made our way into town at Seminyak and Kuta, we soon discovered just how bad the traffic has gotten over the years.  In the past, a big portion of Bali’s charm was the “small tropical island feel.”  But now, getting anywhere (even if it’s not too far) takes at least one hour, and we were shocked to find this out every time and everywhere we went.  Fortunately, Bali still has still retained its cultural aspects including this funeral procession on one of the streets…

Since getting anywhere in Bali ended up taking an exorbitant amount of time, you know I was more than inspired to “jump for joy” once I got out of the car!

On one of these occasions, I got a little too inspired and decided to jump off this wall in order to attain even more air.  Unfortunately, I landed incorrectly and totally busted and bruised my heel!  Ouch!  And the best part is the only thing I got to show for it was this lousy shot that completely missed me getting airborne at all!

Since I could barely walk and had to limp around everywhere, I was relegated to enjoy those Bali sunsets that I enjoy so much…

Sunset or not, the kids just had a great time chilling at the beach and searching for seashell…and don’t we all miss the simple pleasures in life.

Even though the various drivers know that they’ll be driving and waiting around all day, they’re always down to pop off a shot with a tourist like me!

And of course, if you happen to have kids, then you’ll most likely know what Waterbom is all about.  It’s a waterpark for everyone of all ages, and you know we had to go there cuz that’s definitely one venue they’ll never forget, especially when Sage takes it to the air!

Since I was hobbling around everywhere with my bruised heel, I just tried standing around with Jonas to get hit by water balloons…

That’s a quick rundown of our downtime in Bali.  Now, I need to get ready for a few shoots this week before I’m off to Beijing to host Miss Universe China!  This will be a completely new experience for me because I’ll be doing it live and in Chinese.  I honestly don’t know how it is all going to turn out and you know I am definitely daunted with the task, but there’s only one way to find out so here I come!

Til then, thanks for stopping by and  here’s one more sunset for you to enjoy!

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