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Jun 11

In the Post

While principle filming for the second season of The Amazing Race China Rush is over, the “fun” part is now on the move, which is Post Production.  This is the portion of production where an army of editors must look over all the footage and decide the most entertaining and worthy segments to share with the audience.  It’s an absolutely essential part of any program, and it’s ridiculously time-consuming.  I just heard the editing team is reviewing over ONE HUNDRED HOURS of footage per episode so they definitely got their work cut out for them.

During the course of the race when we’re traveling everywhere to film…

…we definitely try to minimize the amount of “excess footage” so the post production has a lesser amount to review later.  It’s definitely not always easy work…

…but we do what we can to put those smiles back on everyone’s faces.

Thanks again to our host cameraman Joe Matthews and his prehistoric 35mm for these candid shots.  It’s good to know you got some great shots with it once you finally got the film developed!

Now, it’s time to look over my script for a launch event later this evening.  More on having a “THWACK-in” good time to come soon!



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Jun 11

So What is “Scratching?”

Congrats to my man DJ KoFlow on his newest music video “The Turntable Insrumentalist!”

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Jun 11

What Are You Made Of?

Earlier this week, I went to the Tag Heuer office at LVMH to pick up a few pieces I ordered, and I was pleasantly surprised when a former colleague gave me a gift which included old pictures of my times with the brand.  I haven’t seen many of these pictures at all so it was really a treat to catch a glimpse of these images from a time years ago…

Here are a few of the studio shots we did with photographer Geoff Ang…

I’ve never been much of a golfer so I’m sure this ball never made it in the hole!

Agghh…the trip to St. Tropez in France with other regional celebs was pretty kewl tho…


On another night, I even got to relive my biggest “fear”…

Even though I still have a problem defining Formula One as an actual “sport,” it’s still cool to meet some of the drivers from the circuit…

…and even though I wouldn’t mind just drumming away into the sunset…

I think you’ll get a better laugh with this 80’s-style beefcake pose!

Now it’s time to see how much I’ve aged since then after my recent birthday so I’ll catch ya next time!


Jun 11

Thanks Again!

And just like that, I am back in Singapore after spending the last month or so in China wrapping up the newest season of The Amazing Race China Rush.  As much as I would have liked to remain in Shanghai to explore new and interesting opportunities, I figure I’ll have more time in the near future so I caught a flight back to Singapore once we confirmed all the shots for the production were completed and no “pick ups” were needed.

After waiting almost two hours on the tarmac at Pudong International Airport, our plane finally took to the skies.  I expected the traffic in the city of Shanghai would be bad, but I never expected even the runways at the airport would incur a major traffic jam.  Oh well…

Once I returned home, I was excited to be back with the family.  And since it was my birthday this past weekend, I traded in “flying the skies” to “riding some waves” back at Wavehouse Sentosa.  Even though the weather didn’t really want to cooperate with my plans, I still made a fun day out of it with my family and friends including Jimmy, Marc, and Jac!

Even though I was still quite worn out from the intense filming of the race coupled with a day on the waves, it was now time to get ready for walking the red carpet at the closing ceremony of Screen Singapore at Shaw Lido later that evening, and all the Fly Entertainment artists (George, Betty, Mindy, Crispian, Adele, Nadia, Li Lin, Jimmy, Rebecca, Brendan, and Alaric) looked splendid…

Once my number was called, it was time to waltz down the Red Carpet and share what I’ve been doing over the past month in China…

…and I was pleasantly surprised when Bobby got the crowd to wish me a Happy Birthday!

Once we got inside the building, it was time to catch up with old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time such as Van Ness Wu…

That night, we were also treated to a screening of Tom Hanks’ newest film called “Larry Crowne,” and everyone was excited to have the man himself in the house to address the audience…


…and once that was done, it was time to head out to the MBS Art Science Museum for the After Party, where we caught up with old colleagues Chen Han Wei and Joanne Peh from Mediacorp…

…and let’s not forget Raffi from AnD and Archie Kao from C.S.I.!

Yeah…it was one busy birthday this past weekend, and I just wanted to thank you all again for making it such a memorable one.  It’s never fun getting older each year, but having you all in  my life definitely take the edge off of it!  Hah!

Take care and don’t forget to check back with my next update of what’s to come!


Jun 11

The Rush continues…

We’re still in the thick of filming for The Amazing Race China Rush, and I finally got (sorta) a day off today so I just had to post a few pics up from our adventures thus far, especially since I’ve got a good internet connection here.

What I’ve realized is how easy it is to become detached from the rest of the world when I’m shooting these shows because it’s so busy with filming and traveling.  Everyone in the production is running on fumes and we have the tendency to forget which day of the week it is.

On the other hand, that can be a good thing because we should be all wrapped up and done with the newest season before we know it…hopefully!  I’ve been really fortunate to travel to places in China that I would most likely never venture towards on my own accord, and I can’t wait to share more pictures with you all once the show starts airing.

At this point, I’ve been hearing news that the premiere telecast will be in early July so that means there’s a lot of work to do between now and then.  For the first time in any of The Amazing Race franchises, we’ll be working on TWO different language versions of the show for the English and Chinese audience so that means double the “fun” for me too! ;-P

And until we get to that point, I’ve gotta be ready for  teams to open up their next clue so I can check them in so I’ll catch you later!