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May 11

Feeding the Chickens

Well, we are now officially a few weeks into filming the current season of The Amazing Race China Rush, and it has certainly been quite an experience.  Anytime you have the opportunity to see and explore new and exotic locations, then there lies an opportunity to really appreciate all that you didn’t know before.

For me, shooting each season of a race is always totally fresh, and I get into character with all my senses wide open.  Although there is the standard “check in” procedure at each of the various pit stop locations…

…I usually don’t have an idea where I’ll be the next day until we set off that morning to start shooting.  One day, I might be marveling at the stunning landscape being used as a backdrop for our pit stop.  On another day, I might be on a farm feeding chickens so they’ll be cooperative enough to work on shot with me…

Of course, I’ve definitely been taking my fair share of pictures from the various destinations I have had the privilege of racing through, and I can’t wait to share more of them with you all.  Until then, I’ll hope to see you back here again soon as we pack up once again and move our “traveling circus” to the next location!


May 11

Lights, Camera, Action!




The Amazing Race China Rush is still picking up speed as we race across China.  I always wonder how each successive of the race will go, and the best part of it is that I just never really know.  In fact, each season feels like the first time, and that “freshness” is hard to find or match in any other project I’ve done before.  This is primarily due to the fact that we travel to new locations and we have a new batch of contestants ready to test their mettle against their competition on the exciting challenges.

People always ask me whether anything we shoot on the show is staged and “pre-cooked” for the audience, and I have always replied with an emphatic “No Way!”  Since we shoot the race at warp speed, it would simply take too long to teach the teams how to act and react, especially when none of them are trained and experienced actors.

Time waits for no one…so they’ve only got “One Take” to make to the Pit Stop before the other teams!  Actually, we all especially love this aspect of the production because it keep the pace fast and furious although the lack of rest can leave some of the crew wiped out and delirious!

And on that note, I’d better head off too to my next destination!

See ya at the next Pit Stop!


May 11

The Amazing Race China Rush has begun!

And just like that, the second season of The Amazing Race China Rush has begun!  We are currently racing all across China so if you happen to see us, please come say “你好” (How are you) or “加油” (“Add gas” or Keep on Going) but let don’t anyone know, K?

It’s going to be a crazy hectic schedule for all of us, but I’ll try to post up more pics as we get further into the race!

And this year, we will be making history with even having Chinese contestants who’ll have the opportunity to race in their own country.  I wonder whether they’ll have an advantage or not?  Hmmm….